Zitate und Sprüche von Zara Oblonskaya

Zitate und Sprüche von Zara Oblonskaya

You will do anything to survive, that doesn't mean you are a bad person.

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Don't let your past define your present!
Change and stress can make people feel powerless.
Our plane has been hijacked by some italian guerilla or something.
They're exhausting to inflate, they scare the shit out of you when they pop, and uninflated they just look like a pile of clown-condoms.
John Oliver in Last Week Tonight - Boeing
Hier geht es nicht um Gut oder Böse, es geht um Macht - und wem es erlaubt ist, sie zu nutzen.
Lip: "Hey, whoa. You really think they deserve your hard-earned money for that service?"
Frank: "Dine and dash?"
Lip: "Bite and bolt."
Frank: "Eat it and beat it?"
Shameless - Staffel 3 Episode 12
What can I say, once you go white, you always stay tight. Hey, I think I just insulted myself.
Kevin Ball in Shameless - Staffel 3 Episode 12
Frank: "What did they get you for again?"
"Beat my ex-wife to death with a telephone."
Frank': "Cordless or landline?"
Frank Gallagher in Shameless - Staffel 3 Episode 12

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