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Yungblud, bürgerlich Dominic Harrison, ist ein englischer Musiker aus Doncaster, Grafschaft South Yorkshire, England.

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Ich war ein paar mal verliebt, aber man weiß nicht, ob es wirklich die eine ist, bis man die richtige Person trifft.

I've been in love a couple times, but you never know if it's truly the one until you meet the right person.


Wenn ich mich über etwas geärgert oder mich verloren gefühlt habe, war Musik immer die Antwort.

When I felt upset and lost, music always had the answer.


Put a toaster in my bath, watch my mum and dad laugh
See a thousand volts go through the son they wish they never had
They told me casual affection leads to sexual infection
But it's hard to get an erection when you're so used to rejection

Yungblud - parents, Album: ​the underrated youth - EP

I was born in a messed up century
My favourite flavoured sweets are raspberry amphetamines
I bought a car, Beretta, age 16
I brush my teeth with bleach 'cause I ain't got time for cavities

Yungblud - parents, Album: ​the underrated youth - EP

Locked me in a room since I was young
I've never seen a fucking sun come up
I'm employee of the month at a Ritalin club
Yeah, why do you think I'm so messed up?

Yungblud - Anarchist, Album: 21st Century Liability

Ich will nicht von jedem gemocht werden.

I don't want to be liked by everyone.


But that big smudge is what I love
Give me a grenade, and I'll tape it to my face
Getting drunk at quarter to one
'Cause my dad is a geezer and he keys up my mum
You put it in my mouth, I’m gonna bite down
If that ain't normal then the pope is a right clown

Yungblud - Medication, Album: 21st Century Liability

All my friends have deserted again
And I don't wanna be a loner
In my head, I can sleep when I'm dead
Baby, don't let the hype dilute ya

Yungblud - Loner

Wir verstehen nicht, wie sehr wir etwas brauchen, bis wir es verlieren.

We don't realize how much we need something until it's taken away from us.


Rock 'n' Roll ist nicht tot.

Rock 'n' roll's not dead.