Zitate und Sprüche von Yoru

Zitate und Sprüche von Yoru

Bild: Riot Games
Why did they bring Sage? Now they have to die twice, idiots.
Five enemies. Five for me, none for anyone else.
If I kill all the enemies myself, I apologise. I have trouble sharing.
It's impressive what Breach can do when he shuts up for a second.
I already hear that Breach running his mouth. Don't tell me you'll punch me, just punch me!
Valorant - zu Breach
Send five more, we can do this again!
Valorant - on Ace
Move in after I strike. That's when they're weak.
Pick something nice to kill them with. it's the least we can do.
It's easiest if I sneak in and kill everyone. Don't make this complicated.
I'll fight anybody. I'll fight everybody.
That Killjoy's tech is everywhere. We're not at a science fair, get rid of that sh-t!
Valorant - zu Killjoy
Okay, Phoenix. Don't be upset when you get less kills than me.
Valorant - zu Phoenix
I'll pick them apart. You clean up whatever's left.
Let's strike first. it's better than having to strike back.
Never show weakness. Ever.
How did every piece of trash end up on the same team?
Who let that old man out of the nursing home?
Valorant - to Brimstone
Dying is for other people.
Should I shoot them in the face... or stab them in the back?
Don't stop fighting, you must keep going even if you're the only one.
Reyna, I'll take one side if you take the other, they'll be dead in five seconds.
Valorant - zu Reyna

Zitate und Sprüche über Yoru

So, Yoru, you painted over the priceless samurai mask? Huh, interesting choice.
Harbor in Valorant - zu Yoru
You have the ability to rift-walk and you stay here? What a shame, there are so many better worlds out there.
Viper in Valorant - zu Yoru
Where their Yoru skulks like a rat, I will float above like an eagle.
Astra in Valorant - zu Yoru
Aha, the cool kid in class has some brains too! Impressive!
Killjoy in Valorant - zu Yoru
I'm curious, rift walker. When you travel, can you feel the pieces you leave behind?
Omen in Valorant - zu Yoru
That Yoru looks pissed all the time. Honestly, it's impressive.

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Trust me, they'll know what hit 'em.
Guns in my face? Just another Tuesday.
If that Sova thinks an arrow will stop me, he's got another thing coming... my fist!
Breach in Valorant - zu Sova
Skye: "Breach, I'm thinking I'll hit the gym later. You in?"
Breach: "So long as it's leg day!"
Go ahead, call me tech support again!
Don't stress if I die, it was great knowing you all. Also, delete my hard-drive.
Cypher your homemade gadgets are so cute, remind me of some of my works in kindergarten.
Another healer? Good. Now it's someone else's turn to answer requests.
Sage in Valorant - zu Skye
I am both - shield and sword.
Their healer is nothing, I'll burn them faster than they can mend.
Jett: "Hey Phoenix, if you die, I call dibs on your jacket."
Phoenix: "Ah don't be like that, you know you'd also want my shoes."
Sage, we're the perfect pair... you give life, I take it.
They stopped breathing? Excellent. Then we're done.
I can't get the settings menu on my display to turn off. How do I...? Oh. Got it.
Failure is the great teacher. So let's teach 'em somethin'!
They fear death. They should fear so much more than that.
I am the beginning. I am the end.
Anyone feel bad for the other team? At this point it's only natural.
Körper zersetzen sich innerhalb von zwölf Stunden in einem Säurebad vollständig. Das weiß ich aus keinem besonderen Grund.
A warrior is known by his deeds, not his mouth.
Astra in Valorant - zu Phoenix
Please stay alive... I hate making new friends.
This bow has taken men and beast alike. I have found there is little difference.
Make their fear your weapon... or use a gun, whichever.

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