Zitate und Sprüche von Countess Violet Crawley

Zitate und Sprüche von Countess Violet Crawley

Entdecke die bissigen und amüsanten Zitate von Violet Crawley, der markanten Figur aus Downton Abbey. Lass dich von ihrer schlagfertigen Art begeistern!

I do hope I’m interrupting something.
I don't dislike him, I just don't like him. Which is quite different.
Downton Abbey - Staffel 2 Episode 6
I'm a woman, Mary. I can be as contrary as I choose.
Downton Abbey - Staffel 2 Episode 4
What's the matter, I have plenty of friends I don't like.
Downton Abbey - Staffel 1 Episode 2
Violet: "I'm so looking forward to seeing your mother again. When I'm with her, I'm reminded of the virtues of the English."
Matthew: "But isn't she American?"
Violet: "Exactly."
First electricity, now telephones. Sometimes I feel as if I’m living in an H.G. Wells novel.

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Dear Lord,
I don´t pretend I have much credit with you.
I´m not even sure, that you´re there.
But if you are and if I´ve ever done anything good, I beg you to keep him save.
Mary Crawley in Downton Abbey - Staffel 2 Episode 1
Lady Mary Crawley: Haven´t you heard? I don´t have a heart. Everyone knows that.
Anna Bates: I know you have a heart, mylady.
Anna Bates in Downton Abbey - Staffel 1 Episode 4
Violet Crawley: "Don't you care about Downton?"
Robert Crawley: "What do you think? I gave my life to Downton. I was born here and I hope to die here. It my third parent and my fourth child."
Edith Crawley: "[About the Titanic] I thought it was supposed to be unsinkable."
Robert Crawley: "Every mountain is unclimbable until someone climbs it; so every ship is unsinkable until it sinks."
Robert Crawley in Downton Abbey - Staffel 1 Episode 1
I'll never love again as I love you in this moment, and I must have something to remember.
Mrs. Hughes: "But the poor man's heart is breaking for not knowing."
Anna: "Better a broken heart than a broken neck."
Maybe it's best if he goes. Sometimes you can spend too much time on a one-sided love.
It's not complicated. I've made a long journey to ask a short question. Will you marry me?
I'm not unhappy. I'm just not quite ready to be happy.
Blake: "I don't deserve such attention."
Mary: "You certainly do. You saved our bacon. Quite literally."
Molesley: "I thought I'd make some coffee, would you like a cup?"
Baxter: "No thank you."
Molesley: "It's just a cup of coffee, you won't have to surrender any of your independence."
Harvey: "Er war ganz nett."
Dana: "Er war verärgert."
Harvey: "Das war verärgert? Wie sieht der Mann glücklich aus?"
Dana: "Er ist Brite, ist derselbe Gesichtsausdruck."
Dana Scott in Suits - Staffel 2 Episode 15
Die britischen Wähler wählen keinen Mann, der keinen Hut trägt.
Hier geht es nicht um Gut oder Böse, es geht um Macht - und wem es erlaubt ist, sie zu nutzen.

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