Zitate und Sprüche von Troy Aikman

Zitate und Sprüche von Troy Aikman

Troy Kenneth Aikman (* 21. November 1966 in West Covina, Kalifornien), Nickname: „Roy“ oder „The Godfather“ ist ein ehemaliger American-Football-Spieler auf der Position des Quarterbacks. Er spielte in der NFL für die Dallas Cowboys, die er zu drei Super-Bowl-Siegen führte.

Losing doesn't eat at me the way it used to. I just get ready for the next play, the next game, the next season.
Just remember that nothing is as bad as it seems and nothing is as good as it sometimes appears.
We go in with eyes wide open and recognize there will be a lot of hard work involved. But we anticipate having success. We feel like we have assembled a great group of people. If we were going to do it any other way, we would have made an announcement a long time ago. We were very diligent.
12 of the best years of my life - It will never be forgotten.
I've always viewed myself as an achiever. I need to achieve for myself.
I know how difficult my rookie year in the NFL was and I know how competitive this sport is.
No excuse for those mechanical errors to be happening.

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Troy Aikman: "That's a lot of jet fuel, just to do a little flyover."
Joe Buck: "That's your hard-earned money and your tax dollars at work."
Joe Buck - Oktober 2020
Welcome to the broadcast booth, everybody, I'm Joe Buck along with a couple of guys that I like to call my friends... on Sundays. Troy Aikman and Cris Collinsworth.
I can't write my life story without Emmitt Smith and Troy Aikman. They can't write their life stories without me. We're tied together forever.
Michael Irvin - September 2005, Dallas Cowboys Ring Of Honor induction
I think there's a prototype we're all looking for, whether it's Brett Favre or Troy Aikman. And everyone's got that picture in their mind of the prototype at the position.
I think I could describe the perfect quarterback. Take a little piece of everybody. Take John Elway's arm, Dan Marino's release, maybe Troy Aikman's drop-back, Brett Favre's scrambling ability, Joe Montana's two-minute poise, and, naturally, my speed.

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Lamar Jackson opening up, like Moses parting the Red Sea.
Joe Buck - Januar 2024 während Ravens v Texans
It is a cool evening in the desert, but we're getting ready to heat it up. It's the New England Patriots and the Arizona Caridnals for you on a Monday night.
Joe Buck - Dezember 2022
There is the Red Rifle, got that beard all tucked into that chin strap, ready to go.
Joe Buck - Dezember 2022
The worst thing in the world is to feel like people turn on the TV and say, oh god, it's that guy again. I'm trying to avoid that.
I think by its very nature, it's redundant, you know, being the play-by-play guy on television.
And Johnny Manziel is only in a snickers commercial.
You have to make that stand out from the rest of the three hours. There are times when I'm having fun and being loose, and there are times when I'm ultra serious - calling the Giants/Patriots in the Super Bowl is a lot different than calling the Giants/Cubs game last Saturday. There are different levels of intensity, and I try to respect that when I'm doing it.
If you're the play-by-play announcer, I think it's your job to be better than just saying what's on people's TV screen.
I actually called a touchdown on national TV in the NFL while going to the bathroom.
I'd ask him for another half hour. And then I'd probably start with the obvious and see how honest he would get. I just think those guys are so protected, that you're not going to get much out of them.
Joe Buck - wenn er 10 Minuten mit Barry Bonds in einem Raum wäre
Every time you see kid and hear kid, you think, man, I have to not sound like a kid.
Super Bowl V was the Colts against the Cowboys and Jim O'Brien kicked a 32 yard field goal to beat the Cowboys. I was traumatized by it. Everyone at school knew I was the only Cowboy fan in the area. I didn't want to go to school and I begged and pleaded with my parents. Those are indelible memories when you are a kid.
Die haben eine gute Defense, aber wir haben eine sehr gute Offense.
Jordan Love (als Spieler bei den Green Bay Packers) - Januar 2024, nach Sieg gegen die Cowboys
Ich wollte immer der beste Receiver sein, den die Cowboys je hatten. Das war mein Ziel, als ich als Rookie angefangen habe und blieb es meine ganze Karriere lang: der beste zu sein und in den Ring of Honor aufgenommen werden.
Ich bin der beste Reciever im Game. Da gibt es keine Frage.
CeeDee Lamb (als Spieler bei den Dallas Cowboys) - November 2023
California has officially announced that jaywalking is now no longer a crime. So congratulations to the Californians who like walking places. This is great news for the six of you.
Trevor Noah in The Daily Show - Oktober 2022
New Mexico. Das ist ein Bundesstaat im Südwesten. So ähnlich wie Kalifornien, aber weniger Verkehr.
Lalo Salamanca in Better Call Saul - Staffel 6 Episode 5
Wir haben alle unsere kleinen Schwächen. Meine ist Kalifornien.
All creative people should be required to leave California for three months every year.
Ich war immer ein Packer und werde immer ein Packer bleiben.
Hey, you got any left-handed footballs?
Either my head is getting bigger or these hats are getting smaller... shut up!
Es gibt keinen individuellen, eigenen Erfolg im Football. Man sieht es beim Basketball, Lebron holt den Ball von einem Korb und dunkt ihn in den anderen. Ganz alleine. Man sieht es beim Baseball, Aaron Judge schlägt den Homerun. Ganz alleine. Und Golf, Tiger verwandelt den Putt. Ganz alleine. Beim Football macht man nichts ganz alleine. Es geht nur mit dem Typen neben mir.
Michael Irvin - Oktober 2023
Champions warten nicht auf Chancen, sie schaffen sich selbst welche.
Bei allem, was ich über letzte Saison gehört habe - wir machen jetzt das Gegenteil.
Sean Payton - Juli 2023
A lot of people had dirt on their hands. It wasn't just Russell. He didn't just flip. He still has it. He's still got gas in the tank.
Sean Payton - Juli 2023
Ich beende meine Karriere als ein Football Spieler, der an der University of Tennessee, bei den Colts und bei den Broncos gespielt hat und sich dafür sehr glücklich schätzt.
Es gibt andere Spieler, die talentierter sind als ich, aber es gibt keinen, der besser vorbereitet ist.
Get your calculators out, this will be fun!
Wir sind alle nackt zur Welt gekommen, aber jeder von uns trug Potenzial in sich.
Selbstbewusstsein ist eine sehr zerbrechliche Sache.
Scott Hanson: "If it comes down to it, Brock. It's late in the fourth quarter, are you prepared to disappoint Taylor Swift?"
Brock Purdy: "Yes."
Brock Purdy - Februar 2024, Super Bowl LVIII Opening Night
We're not done, dawg, I want three!
Patrick Mahomes - Februar 2024, zum Super Bowl Sieg der Chiefs
Offensiv läuft da nur die Nase, sonst gar nix.
Der Quarterback ist der Anführer des Teams und derjenige, der den Ball bei jedem Play in den Händen hält.
Congrats to the Kansas City Chiefs, MVP Patrick Mahomes, Coach Reid, Travis Kelce, Chris Jones, Mecole Hardman, and the rest of the champs for another Lombardi Trophy. Grace under pressure.
Barack Obama - Februar 2024, zum Super Bowl Sieg der Chiefs
Ich mag Football. Es ist ein aufregendes, strategisches Spiel. Und eine tolle Möglichkeit, Gesprächen mit der Familie an Thanksgiving aus dem Weg zu gehen.
Wir müssen nicht sagen, dass wir die Besten sind. Unsere 5 Ringe sagen das für uns.

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