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Jags fans, let's pack the Bank next week. It's a big one for us!

Jacksonville JaguarsTrevor Lawrence, Dezember 2022

Proud to be a tiger.
Right back to work.

Trevor Lawrence, November 2020

Man kann nicht immer in den Schlagzeilen stehen. Man muss auch einfach mal Football spielen.

You can't always be in the headlines. You just got to go play football.

Trevor Lawrence

Ich liebe Football genauso, oder noch mehr als jeder andere. Er ist eine große Priorität in meinem Leben. Ich will mein bestes geben und mein Potenzial ausschöpfen. Und gewinnen. Ich brauche Football nicht, um mich selbst wertzuschätzen. Ich liebe einfach das Spiel.

I love football as much or more than anyone. It is a huge priority in my life, obviously. I am driven to be the best I can be, and to maximize my potential. And to win. I don't need football to make me feel worthy as a person. I purely love the game and everything that comes with it.

Trevor Lawrence, April 2021

I have tested positive for COVID-19, and my symptoms have been relatively mild while I'm following the protocol from Clemson and the ACC. The only thing that hurts is missing an opportunity to be with my teammates this weekend and play the game I love. I hate that I can't be there, but I'll be watching from isolation and pulling for our guys while I wait for the opportunity to rejoin the team. God bless and Go Tigers!

Trevor Lawrence, Oktober 2020