Zitate und Sprüche aus Torin's Passage


Königin Di: "Ich sagte, 'du kannst mich schlagen, ich weiß es nicht'."
König Rupert: "Ich werde darauf zurück kommen."

Queen Di: "I said, 'beats me'."
King Rupert: "Well, I'll consider it."

Torin's Passage, von König Rupert

Torin: "Das ist mein kleiner Freund, Boogle. Er mag Menschen."
Frau Bitternut: "Dann passt er aber nicht hierher!"

Torin: "That's my little buddy, Boogle. He likes people."
Mrs. Bitternut: "Then he won't fit in here!"

Torin's Passage, von Frau Bitternut

Der Kroktopus verbindet vielleicht die schlimmsten Eigenschaften der zwei Tiere, aber seine Haut eignet sich hervorragend für ein Laptop-Computer-Köfferchen!

The croctopus may well combine the worst characteristics of both animals, but its skin makes a excellent laptop computer case.

Torin's Passage, von Erzähler

Torin: "Kroktopusse. Jede Menge von ihnen!"
Schlaks: "Müsste dat denn dann nich 'Kroktopi' heißen?"

Torin: "Croctopus. And lots of 'em!"
Slim: "Wouldn't lots of them be Croctopi?"

Torin's Passage, von Schlaks

From out of the bushes, tiny score cards appear: 5.9, 5.9, 6.0, 5.8, and a 3.5 (Hmm. Looks like the Eastern European rabbit is judging again!)

Torin's Passage, von Erzähler

Congratulations, you did it! It's nice to see someone has an Al Lowe sense of humor. That's why you get to here this: My very own personal easteregg, instead of the boring plain text message you see before you there on the screen. Anybody who comes all the way through this game, asking everybody you meet about this evil sorceress named Lycentia, then finally finds her, and then tricks Dreep into fall into a recording of her voice and then doesn't use the book of magic on her, but instead plays the bagpipes, deserves much more than another boring old death message. So here is my personal thank you for playing the game. And now enjoy the ending. But whatever you do: don't tell anybody how you got this message. Instead, just taunt them with, 'Why? I got a personal message from Al Lowe at the end. Didn't you?'

Torin's Passage, von Al Lowe