Zitate und Sprüche aus The Naturals

Zitate und Sprüche aus The Naturals

It's not the bad memories that tear a person apart. It's the good ones.
Jennifer Lynn Barnes - Killer Instinct
Most people built walls to protect themselves. Dean did it to protect everyone else.
Jennifer Lynn Barnes - Killer Instinct
Some people said that broken bones grew back stronger. On the good days, I told myself that was true, that each time the world tried to break me, I became a little less breakable.
Jennifer Lynn Barnes - Killer Instinct
Maybe, to do what you and I do, we have to have a little bit of the monster in us.
Jennifer Lynn Barnes - Killer Instinct
Sloane slipped an arm around my waist. "There are fourteen varieties of hugs," she said.
"This is one of them."
When the odds are bad, you change the rules.
Jennifer Lynn Barnes - Killer Instinct
You feel stupid. Doesn't mean you are.
"None of us had normal childhoods," Sloane said quietly. "If we had, we wouldn't be Naturals."
Jennifer Lynn Barnes - Killer Instinct
I'm just saying that statistically, a psychopath is more likely to end up as a CEO than a serial killer.
Everything you said or did was a data point you put out there in the world.
Something about the curve of his lips was more intimate than any touch.
I'd gone my whole life without romance. I didn't need it, not the way I needed this: being part of something, caring about people in a way that I hadn't realized I still could. Not just Michael and Dean, but Sloane and even Lia. I fit here. I hadn't fit anywhere in a very long time.

Maybe ever.

I couldn't screw that up.
Jennifer Lynn Barnes - Killer Instinct
No expectations, no disappointments.
"Sometimes," he said, "when I'm in a social pickle, I like to ask myself, WWJAD?" I raised an eyebrow, and he explained. "What Would Jane Austen Do?"
Doesn't Judd have a rule about you wearing lingerie in the kitchen?

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The trick to being abandoned was to never let yourself long for anyone who left.
Everything's a game, Avery Grambs. The only thing we get to decide in this life is if we play to win.
Sometimes all a girl really needed was a very bad idea.
"Little Sisters' Survival Guide, rule number thirty-seven," Skylar said.
"Scream before they hit you."
Jennifer Lynn Barnes in Every Other Day
There wasn't an in-between for me. I lived at extremes. And maybe I'd die at them too.
The world is the board, Heiress. We just have to keep rolling the dice.
I don't believe in destiny or fate - I believe in choice.
Love wasn't just a choice - it was dozens, hundreds, thousands of choices.
Every day was a choice.
In the tapestry of life, our inheritance is the thread that we weave into the fabric of history.
Hierarchy was like breathing: the only time you thought about it was when something went wrong.
Every choice we make shapes the legacy we pass on to the next generation.
Beneath the guise of loyalty, betrayal can lie dormant, waiting for the right moment.
"Why do I have to tell a story?" I asked.
"Because if you don't tell the story, someone else will tell it for you."
Sometimes, strangers can become more like family than blood ever could.
Power is not in what you possess, but in how you wield it.
In the realm of secrets, answers are the most precious treasure.
Secrets are the bricks that build the walls of mystery.
I was outnumbered, unarmed, weak, and screwed. In that order.
"You have no right to tell me-"
"You do not want to finish that sentence, missy. You want to sit down, close your mouth, and eat."
"How am I supposed to eat with my mouth closed?"
"Good boy, Devon," I taunted. "You got me home before dark. If you can sit, shake and roll over, too, I'm sure Callum will give you a doggie treat."
"Show of hands," Devon said, breaking the silence. "Who thinks we're screwed?"
"If I were choosing between you and any one of them," he'd told me, "I would choose them, always and every time."
But he hadn't.
I wasn't entirely sure how to reply. Blow me and Screw you both seemed like strong contenders, but the peanut gallery in my head appeared to be favoring castration.
Es gibt nichts, was ich für meine richtigen Freunde nicht tun würde. Ich kann Menschen nicht zur Hälfte lieben, das liegt nicht in meiner Natur.
If I could but know his heart, everything would become easy.
Wenn ich alle meine Erinnerungen an einer Wäscheleine aufhängen würde, dann wäre diese nicht nur endlos lang. Sie wäre auch extrem bunt und würde jeden, der vorbeikommen würde, mit ihren Farben erschlagen. Einige dieser Erinnerungen würde ich gerne aufbügeln, und fortführen, oder auch reaktivieren und neu erleben. Andere würde ich abhängen, zusammenfalten und wegschließen, denn ihre Zeit ist vorbei. Doch Eines haben sie gemeinsam: Sie gehören zu meinem Leben.
"Das ist das Problem mit dem Schmerz", sagte Augustus und sah mich an. "Er verlangt, gespürt zu werden."
Hallo neue Freunde! Ich bin Olaf und ich liebe Umarmungen.
Olaf in Frozen - Die Eiskönigin - Völlig Unverfroren
I found that any game can be made interesting if you put some money on it.
Wer ist der größere Tor? Der Tor oder der Tor, der ihm folgt?
Der Datenschutz darf nicht zum Täterschutz werden.
Friedrich Merz - März 2024
Du siehst mich an und sagst ich müsste Lippen lesen
Der Einzige der an uns geglaubt hat bin ich gewesen
Prinz Pi - Elfenbeinturm
Das was wir erwarten hält uns in der Balance.
Das was wir nicht erwarten, ist was uns verändert.
Enttäuschungen sind nur Haltestellen in unserem Leben. Sie geben uns Gelegenheit zum Umsteigen wenn wir in die falsche Richtung fahren.
Better the devil you do know than the devil you don't.
She'd been taught all her life not to attack humans, but knocking them unconscious with tranquilizer guns was more of a gray area.

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