Zitate und Sprüche aus Starfield

Zitate und Sprüche aus Starfield

Bild: Bethesda
Humanity has always hunted for knowledge in the unknown. The wonder is not that the field of stars is so vast, but that we have measured it. We're all here because we're committed to the biggest question of all. "What's out there?" You're part of Constellation now. Part of our family.
These artifacts could be everything we've been looking for. Another great secret the universe is asking us to unravel. Human settlements throughout the galaxy could be at risk. We are not stopping. Whatever lies at the end of this road will change humanity. Forever. This is where we belong.

Zitate und Sprüche über Starfield

Starfield will have the fewest bugs of any game Bethesda has ever shipped.
Matt Booty - Juni 2023
Starfield ist das erste neue Universum, das wir seit 25 Jahren erschaffen haben. Trotzdem ist es durch und durch ein Bethesda RPG, in dem man eine neue Welt betritt und das Gefühl endloser Möglichkeiten bekommt.
Juni 2023

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Microsoft is in a very unique position to be able to go spend Sony out of business. Sony is really the only other player who could compete with Game Pass and we have a 2 year and 10 million subs lead.
Matt Booty - Juni 2023
On the creative side, I've always had a golden rule to stay out of the way of game teams as far as where they go with design and the craft of making their games.
We don't have any direction or mandate that says every game has to be an ongoing, sustained game.
Matt Booty - Juli 2021
Thanks so much for the kind words, everyone. It's been an honor to lead the Minecraft franchise, and I'm incredibly excited to support our first party game teams in my new role.
Matt Booty - Januar 2018
Incoming friendly fire! Dodge - or don't. Your call.
Dispense peace with the ultimate weaponry!
Return, refit, and redeploy to purge the stain of this failure with the peroxide of victory.
Sylvanas: "Isn't it obvious, Warchief? I serve the Horde."
Garrosh: "Watch your clever mouth, b*tch!"
My ideals have no stains.
I must correct you. People here bear no sins in the eyes of the gods... Only laws and the Tribunal can judge someone.
They can judge even me. So praise my magnificence and purity.
Look at me. I'm cranked on speed most of the time, but I'm productivity personified.
Trevor Philips in GTA - Grand Theft Auto - V
Michael: "I'm trying to relate to you."
Jimmy: "No, you're trying to take me on some nostalgia trip. You're such a cliche."
Michael: "Oh! says the dope-smoking, game-playing, live-at-home, world-owes-him-a-living millennial."
Lester: "It's hard to get motivated on a job without financial incentive."
Michael: "You can't put a price on freedom."
CJ: "Can you shoot?"
The Truth: "Kid, I'm a hippie. The only thing I've shot is acid. I did see a guy snort it once though. Thought his nose was a kangaroo and the moon was a dog!"

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