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Die schönsten Zitate aus Liedern und Songtexten
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If I never get to see the Northern Lights
Or if I never get to see the Eiffel Tower at night
Oh, if all I got is your hand in my hand
Baby, I could die a happy man

Thomas Rhett - Die a Happy Man, Album: Tangled Up

Baby, last night was hands down
One of the best nights that I've had, no doubt
Between the bottle of wine and the look in your eyes and the Marvin Gaye
Then we danced in the dark under September stars in the pourin' rain

Thomas Rhett - Die a Happy Man, Album: Tangled Up

Every time we have to say goodbye
I'm counting down until we say hello
Every touch is like the strongest drug
I don't know how much longer I can go

Thomas Rhett - Craving You, Album: Life Changes

In a world full of hate, be a light
When you do somebody wrong, make it right
Don't hide in the dark, you were born to shine

Thomas Rhett - Be a Light

In a time full of war, be peace
In a time full of doubt, just believe
Yeah, there ain't that much difference between you and me

Thomas Rhett - Be a Light

Girl, won't you stop your cryin'?
I know that you're tryin'
Everything's gonna be okay
Baby girl, don't you hang your head low
Don't you lose your halo

Maren Morris - GIRL, Album: GIRL

Now that I can drive, finally feel alive, but I got this curfew
Sneakin' in late, smelling like my girlfriend's perfume
People talkin' 'bout college and knowledge and that's alright
But all I'm thinkin' 'bout is an unsupervised Saturday night

Thomas Rhett - Sixteen, Album: Life Changes

Dear Hate
Well, you sure are colorblind
Your kiss is the cruelest kind
You could poison any mind

Maren Morris - Dear Hate

Darling, please, we were too gone to stay
Couldn't get through the night, so we had to call it a day
The words came out; they couldn't be erased
Saw the pain in your eyes, and I knew everything had changed

Maren Morris - Once, Album: HERO

On paper we go together
I know that we look the part
But almost never hangs on forever
I know I'm breaking your heart

Maren Morris - I Wish I Was, Album: HERO

Wish I could feel about you
The way you feel about me
But you can't make a heart say something
That it don't believe

Maren Morris - I Wish I Was, Album: HERO

If I had a dollar every time that I swore you off
And a twenty every time that i picked up when you called
And a crisp new Benjamin for when you're here then gone again
And a dollar every time I was right about you after all

Boy, I'd be rich, head to toe Prada
Benz in the driveway, yacht in the water
Vegas at the Mandarin, high roller gambling
Me and Diddy drippin' diamonds like Marilyn

Maren Morris - Rich, Album: HERO

Dein Autotune kapituliert, der Wichser klingt wie ‘ne besoffene Orgel
SAV ähnlich wie Greta, ich hab' die Schule geschwänzt für 'n höheren Zweck

KitschKriegKool Savas - Oh Junge, Album: KitschKrieg

Besser sie hören hin, Phone in der Hand, todesentspannt, ich bin am networken
Big Booty Schlampe, ihr Arsch an meinem Schwanz, sie ist am nett twerken

KitschKriegKool Savas - Oh Junge, Album: KitschKrieg

Rapper schieben Packets, ich hab’ Kippen in der Levi's (Spike Lee)
Immer wenn ich rappe, wird es classic wie Joe Pesci (Goodfellas)
Ich rahm' Momente für die Ewigkeit wie Canon (klick, klick)
Alles, was ich zeige, ist zu groß für eure Tablets

KitschKriegRIN - Oh Junge, Album: KitschKrieg

The smile on your face lets me know that you need me
There's a truth in your eyes saying you'll never leave me
The touch of your hand says you'll catch me wherever I fall
You say it best when you say nothing at all

Ronan Keating - When You Say Nothing At All, Album: Ronan

It's amazing how you can speak right to my heart
Without saying a word, you can light up the dark
Try as I may I can never explain
What I hear when you don't say a thing

Ronan Keating - When You Say Nothing At All, Album: Ronan

If tomorrow never comes
Will she know how much I loved her
Did I try in every way to show her every day
That she's my only one

Ronan Keating - If Tomorrow Never Comes, Album: Destination

My love, here I stand before you
I am yours now from this moment on
Take my hand, only you can stop me shaking
We'll share forever, this I promise you

Ronan Keating - This I Promise You, Album: Bring You Home

We found love, so don't fight it
Life is a rollercoaster, just gotta ride it
I need you, so stop hiding
Our love is a mystery, girl, let's get inside it

Ronan Keating - Life is a Rollercoaster, Album: Ronan

I guess you never know, never know
And if you wanted me, you really should've showed
And if you never bleed, you're never gonna grow
And it's alright now

Taylor Swift - ​the 1, Album: folklore

But we were something, don't you think so?
Roaring twenties, tossing pennies in the pool
And if my wishes came true
It would've been you

Taylor Swift - ​the 1, Album: folklore

Everything come back around full circle
Why do lies sound pleasant, but the truth hurtful?
Everybody gotta cry once in a while
But how long will it take 'fore you smile?

J. Cole - The Climb Back, Album: The Fall Off

My niggas pick me up and we gon' light the city up as if the sun had the night shift

J. Cole - The Climb Back, Album: The Fall Off

Goin' live but we not on the 'Gram
This the land of supply and demand
Where my young niggas choppin' up grams
And them choppers won't pry from they hands
Packin' lead like they got a exam

J. Cole - Lion King on Ice, Album: The Fall Off

I got blood on my hands, I ain't gon' lie
I got mud on my shoes, I ain't gon' lie
I got real, real big plans, I ain't gon' lie
Got a whole lot to prove, I ain't gon' lie

J. Cole - Lion King on Ice, Album: The Fall Off

Savage love, did somebody, did somebody break your heart?
Lookin' like an angel, but your savage love
When you kiss me, I know you don't give two fucks
But I still want that

TikTokJason Derulo - Savage Love

I was just a poor white kid
Now if rap was B-ball, I'd be Jordan-like, bitch
You wish you could score like this
Not even at half court, I'd miss

Eminem - The Adventures of Moon Man & Slim Shady

I did some wrong, but I'm always right
Said I know how to shoot and I know how to fight
If I tell you once, won't tell you twice
I'm real discreet, like a thief in the night

Pop Smoke - For the Night, Album: Shoot for the Stars Aim for the Moon

If I call you bae, you bae for the day
Or a bae for the night, you not my wife
She want a killer to fuck all night
I wanna fuck on a thot, gimme head all night

Pop Smoke - For the Night, Album: Shoot for the Stars Aim for the Moon

But, for now I'm on the clock
Give myself off to you right before I knock
Once I'm back home, then you know it's Yung Joc
We gon' set the camcorder up and make a Hitchcock

Jack Harlow - DRIP DROP, Album: Loose

I don't want her with the strings attached
I just wanna see you drop back
Like a, first string quarterback
Off the pack, contact

Jack Harlow - WARSAW, Album: CONFETTI

Back with the remix
These boys all my sons like Phoenix
My city and state never ever seen this
Jimmy Neutron, I'm a young boy genius

Jack Harlow - WHATS POPPIN (Remix)

I don't think we can be friends
I don't think that I can even pretend
We used to be such a hit
Now it just feels like a swing and a miss

Jack Harlow - Got Me Thinking, Album: 18

Dieser Knossi trägt die Krone wie ein King
Denn jeder weiß, ich mach 'nen königlichen Stream
Chill ma' deine Base, der König lässt die Kasse kling'n
Ich knack den Jackpot, pack' die Eins in' Chat, katsching

Knossi - Katsching

Es ist der König, der Meister, der Chef
Eins in den Chat, eins, eins in den Chat
Achttausend und hat nur 'nen Dreier gesetzt
Eins in den Chat, eins, eins in den Chat

Knossi - Alge

Bin ich zu laut, dann bist du zu schwach
Bunker auf
Wir gehen rein und wir bleiben drin
In Englisch: "I'm se king"

Knossi - Alge

Du hast mir so gefehlt, obwohl ich dich zum ersten Mal seh'

Dardan - kAdaLe, Album: Sorry

Liebe ist nur echt, wenn sie wehtut
Baby, kommst du mit oder gehst du?
Ich habe keine Ahnung, was du mit mir tust
Es kommt mir alles vor wie in 'nem Déjà-vu

Elif - Ein letztes mal, Album: Nacht

Wir schließen unsre Augen, doch vergessen, was wir träum'n
Nur dem, was wir hassen, bleiben wir auf ewig treu
So vieles, was man liebt, wird geopfert für Erfolg
Doch dieser bittersüße Schmerz ist ein verdammt alter Freund

Kontra K - Tiefschwarz, Album: Vollmond

Big daddy, have you ever felt Chanel fabrics?
I be drippin' to death, I need a casket
And we got more stripes than the ref, he foul, TEC him
In the middle of the field like David Beckham

Offset - ZEZE, Album: Dying to Live (von Kodak Black)

How I grew up, my momma was my dad
So when I blew up I put her in a pad

Offset - Red Room, Album: FATHER OF 4

Der Kiefer zuckt im Takt, die Hände pitschenass
Programmiert auf Liebe, genau wenn die Murmel klatscht
Meine Bauchtasche gleicht 'ner Asservatenkammer
Weil ich tausend Pillen in wirklich allen Farben da hab'

FiNCH ASOZiAL - Abfahrt, Album: Dorfdisko

Es ist dermaßen toll, sind wir sternhagelvoll
Die Leber ist verfettet, doch det Herz ist aus Gold
Sauf ich ein zwei Schnaps und 'ne Dosenschorle
Steig ich ohne Worte in den Zonen-Porsche

FiNCH ASOZiAL - Richtig Saufen, Album: Richtig Saufen

Ey ich schwör dieser Finch ist ein psychisch Bekloppter
Scheiß drauf, werd ich halt wie Blümchen ein Popstar
Gib rüber den Wodka. Ich bin geisteskrank
Denn der saure Apfel fällt nicht weit vom Stamm

FiNCH ASOZiAL - Richtig Saufen, Album: Richtig Saufen

Ey, ich würde töten für 'nen Haufen Koks
Erste Diagnose: Christoph Daum Syndrom
Hände schwitzen, starkes Kiefermalen
Zieh hinterm Lieferwagen Crystal Meth mit Nina Hagen

FiNCH ASOZiAL - Eskalation, Album: Dorfdisko

Er kriegt wirklich alle Weiber (krasser Ficker)
Doch sein Herz gehört nur einer (Jasmin Ritter)
Er trinkt Rattengift am Abend, frisst fünf Stechäpfel am Morgen
Seine stahlharten Muskeln durch den Speckmantel verborgen

FiNCH ASOZiAL - FiNCHiBOY, Album: Finchi’s Love Tape

Auf jeder Party blau, denn ich bin übelst der Drecksack
Für 'ne Kiste Březňák stech' ich deine Ex ab
Echt krass, denn hier kommt Rainer sein Sohn
Schlag auf Hertha Fotzen ein und gröle: "Eisern Union"

1. FC Union BerlinFiNCH ASOZiAL - Ostdeutscher Hasselhoff, Album: Ostdeutscher Hasselhoff

War schon damals Thema Nummer 1 beim Elternsprechtag
Gab schon immer einen Fick auf diese Weltverbess'rer
Denn die Hälfter der Rapper folgen jedem Trend
Ich bleibe Finch Asozial, ein echter Lebemensch

FiNCH ASOZiAL - Ledersklave Frederik, Album: Ledersklave Frederik

Magdeburg, Rostock, Erfurt, Chemnitz
Ziemlich große Klappe, trotzdem familiär und menschlich
Der Osten
Leipzig, Weimar oder Dresden
Keiner will hier weg, unsere Heimat, unser Leben
Der Osten
Cottbus, Halle, Potsdam, Jena
Herz am rechten Fleck und 'ne stahlharte Leber
Der Osten, der Osten
Hier zählt noch Freundschaft
Wo ich herkomm'? Ostdeutschland!

Ostdeutschland & OssisFiNCH ASOZiAL - Ostdeutschland, Album: Fliesentischromantik
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