Zitate und Sprüche von Sombra

Sombra ist ein Charakter aus Overwatch

Zitate und Sprüche von SombraBild-Quelle: Blizzard Entertainment

Reinhardt: "Sombra, something is wrong with my phone. It is so slow!"
Sombra: "I'm not tech support, big guy."
Reinhardt: "I know, I know. I'm just not very good with computers."
Sombra: "Have you tried turning it off and on?"

Sombra in Overwatch

Moira: "Started any wars lately?"
Sombra: "I'd have to check my schedule."

Sombra in Overwatch

Cassidy: "We should catch up sometime soon."
Sombra: "Why? I already know what you've been up to."
Cassidy: "But I don't."
Sombra: "And the problem is?"

Sombra in Overwatch, 2

Tracer: "Don't think I don't recognize that device of yours. I know you stole it!"
Sombra: "What can I say? A girl just has to have the latest tech."

Sombra in Overwatch