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Wrist wet, wet like rain
Nike Swoosh, White Cocaines
Iceberg, that's Gucci Mane
Tall racks like Yao Ming

$NOT - GOSHA, Album: - TRAGEDY +

Just me and my bi-ch and we 'bout to make a wish
All-star, no rim, bi-ch, we go for the swish
I can take you to the moon, you can see the f-in' stars
You the fix to my drugs, I ain't talkin' 'bout no love

$NOT - Moon & Stars, Album: - TRAGEDY +

I feel like Iverson, baby, but this ain't Post Malone
Every time I f yo' bi-ch, you smellin' my cologne
I'm flexin' on you ni-as, bi-ch, I feel so strong
I think I'm Thanos, bi-ch, different colors on my stone
Say hello to my little friend, Sylvester Stallone
Ni-a, I'm a king and I will never leave my throne

$NOT - Excuse Me

He want smoke? Let me know, I got smoke like Bobby Hill
Jack and Jill, rocket pills, Perky make him f-in' choke

$NOT - Doja, Album: Ethereal