Zitate und Sprüche von Scotty McCreery

Zitate und Sprüche von Scotty McCreery

Scott Cooke „Scotty“ McCreery (* 9. Oktober 1993 in Garner, North Carolina) ist ein US-amerikanischer Country-Sänger. Im Jahr 2011 gewann er die zehnte Staffel von American Idol.

Was mich besonders macht ist, dass ich normal bin.
Der beste Urlaub ist, zuhause auf der Couch zu entspannen.
Wenn mein Leben ein Song wäre, würde er vermutlich 'Achterbahn' heißen, immer auf und ab.
The minute I get a big head and start acting like the big man on campus, it's all downhill from there.
I wanted people to see that I really am a real person. I'm not just some guy who was on a TV show, some guy engulfed in the Hollywood life. I'm just a normal guy when it comes down to it.

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I think that for me, as a UNC graduate, I value my education - I think everyone who's gone to that university values education.
Michael: "Jemand muss zu mir gehen um meine Basketball Sachen zu holen."
Daffy: "In dein Haus? Ins 3D Land?"
Michael: "Und das wichtigste, vergesst nicht meine North Carolina Shorts!"
Daffy: "Deine Shorts vom College ?"
Michael: "Die hatte ich immer unter den Chicago Bulls Klamotten, bei jedem Spiel."
Looney Tunes: "Iiih!"
Michael: "Augenblick! Ich hab sie nach jedem Spiel gewaschen."
Daffy: "Hahaha... natürlich!"
Glück kann man nicht kaufen, aber einen Flug nach North Carolina - und das ist quasi das selbe.
I think a night like tonight shows a lot of young girls and young boys that if you can shoot you can shoot. It doesn't matter if you're a girl or a boy, I think it just matters the heart that you have and wanting to be the best that you can be.
Sabrina Ionescu - Februar 2024
I'm looking to do everything that I possibly can to get better in every aspect, whether that's scoring, defending, rebounding, passing, i'm really just excited to be playing against professionals and learning from them and just seeing where that takes me.
Sky is the limit for her and what she can do on the court, in terms of her impact in the game but also the court as well... It's been fun to watch her journey.
Stephen Curry - Februar 2024
I grew up watching Kobe Bryant game after game, ring after ring, living his greatness without apology.
Sabrina Ionescu - Februar 2020
May their light forever shine. Kobe, Gigi, I love you forever. Thank you.
Sabrina Ionescu - Februar 2020

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