Zitate und Sprüche von Roadhog

Zitate und Sprüche von Roadhog

So much drama goin' on in the LBC, it's kinda hard bein Road H-O single G.
Everyone has a plan 'til they get punched in the mouth.
No job too big, no score too small.
Junkrat: "You won't believe the joke ol' pig face over there told me the other day. Roadhog?"
Roadhog: "Do you ever shut up?"
Point is mine, property of Roadhog.
Overwatch - on Capture
Cassidy: "I heard there's a nice reward for bringing you fellas in."
Roadhog: "Try me."
Say "bacon" one more time!
I'm a one-man apocalypse.
Apocalypse ain't over.
Junkrat: "You know, I never would have taken you for someone with such a homely home."
Roadhog: "If you don't like it, stay in your room!"
I've killed for less than that.
Violence is usually the answer.
I'm tired of hearing your voice.
Overwatch - to Junkrat

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Roadhog: "Don't blow it!"
Junkrat: "When have I ever... er, don't answer that."
Lifeweaver: "Are you and Roadhog together?"
Junkrat: "Do you ever see us apart?"
Lifeweaver: "No, I mean are you a couple?"
Junkrat: "Yes, a couple of dashing rogues!"
You looking for a lab assistant? I'm great with chemicals!
Junkrat in Overwatch - to Moira
Roadhog: "I'll hook 'em!"
Junkrat: "And I'll cook 'em!"
Cassidy: "I heard there's a nice reward for bringing you fellas in."
Junkrat: "Maybe we could, erm, work something out, mate?"
Roadhog: "Try and stay out of trouble for once."
Junkrat: "I'll be on me best behavior."
Can't change the world by following all the rules.
The path shapes you... the spirits perfect you.
Moira: "How are you feeling, Lacroix?"
Widowmaker: "I don't feel. That's the point, isn't it?"
Reinhardt: "How do you think your fancy jumpsuit would fare against my hammer?"
Widowmaker: "All the armor in the world can't save you from a well-placed bullet."
Well, it's high noon somewhere in the world.
Reaper: "You look ridiculous."
Cassidy: "Looked in a mirror lately?"
Mei: "Look at all the snow! We should make snow angels!"
Mercy: "Why are you looking at me, Mei?"
There's no prescription to treat what you have.
Darf ich vorstellen? Die Schusslinie.
Doomfist: "Retirement suits you."
Torbjörn: "And I think a hammer upside your face would suit you!"
Mercy: "Mei, you haven't aged a day. What's your secret?"
Mei: "Cryostasis. But I'm not sure if I'd recommend it."
Tracer: "Aren't you warm wearing all that?"
Mei: "Yes. But it's too late to change!"
Cassidy: "Just remember Pharah, we ain't playing with toy guns anymore."
Pharah: "Good, I'm much better with the real thing."
Mercy: "Pharah, If your mother could see you now I'd think she be proud of you!"
Pharah: "There's a first time for everything, I guess."
Seeking progress by sowing chaos is like planting a tree in a volcano.
Moira: "I must know how your technology functions."
Zenyatta: "Existence is mysterious, isn't it?"
Ashe: "I hear if it weren't for your parents, you'd be as much an outlaw as me. "
Lifeweaver: "They're always trying to help, but frankly, I'd prefer they gave up."
Ashe: "Yeah, well, be careful what you wish for."
Ashe: "Brave of you to show your face around here, Cole."
Cassidy: "Well, I know how much you missed me. Still have a picture of me at the hide-out, I hear."
Ashe: "On the dartboard."
Echo: "I think I can pull off a cowboy hat."
Cassidy: "Want me to buy you one?"
Echo: "No need. I'll just borrow yours."
Cassidy: "You know, that sake's not half bad but... I prefer a little bite to my liquor."
Hanzo: "How predictable! Such unsophisticated taste."
Cassidy: "Always thought hiring you was a mistake."
Moira: "The best mistake one could ever make."
Kiriko: "Yikes... you look cheery."
Moira: "As cheery as you are significant."
Lieber gehe ich zu Grunde, als mich zu beugen.
Der Sieg gebührt nicht mir, sondern uns.
You can love a thing with your whole heart and still know it's time to say goodbye. Even the best journeys end. But a new one is right around the corner. And you never know where that road is gonna take you.
Moira: "Your condition seems relatively stable."
Reaper: "No one's accused me of that in a long time."
McCree: "You weren't given those guns to toss 'em away like trash."
Reaper: "I don't take lessons from you."

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