Zitate und Sprüche von Richard "Rick" Castle

Zitate und Sprüche von Richard "Rick" Castle

If you don't believe in even the possibility of magic, you'll never ever find it.
"your out of time"? Whoever killed her also murdered the English language.
There are two kinds of folks who sit around thinking about how to kill people: psychopaths and mystery writers. I'm the kind that pays better.
Beckett: "You're a wise man Castle, with a big heart and you're rather good looking too."
Castle: "You might want to pace yourself with the flattery. You've got a whole dinner to get through."
Don't ruin my story with your logic!
Castle - Staffel 3 Episode 10
Martha: "I told you, if you can't tell your mother what you're doing you should not be doing it."
Castle: "Yes, when I was eight."
Hayley: "It might be for the best. Ignorance is bliss."
Castle: "No, ignorance is hell."
Beckett: "Time machine?"
Castle: "Only to go back and fall in love with you all over again."
Beckett: "You're such a good son."
Castle: "And you're such a good everything."
Ich fürchte das ist das, was ihr Freund Jessy
Sündigen durch Schweigen nennen würde.
Das ist nicht klug.
Das ist nicht mutig.
Es ist einfach nur feige.
Castle - Staffel 4 Episode 19

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Castle: "Sehe ich für Sie wie ein Mörder aus?"
Beckett: "Ja, Sie ermorden meine Geduld."
Look on the bright side, chicks dig scars.
Including sending your daughter into a house full of drunken frat boys dressed like a sl*tty angel?
No relationship can survive secrets or lies.
Esposito: "So you're going full hipster now."
Ryan: "Have you started jarring artisanal pickles yet?"
It's all come crashing down around my ears and I've got no one to blame but myself.
Well she was shot in the head so unless she tripped and fell on a bullet, it wasn't an accident.
I know that you had a tough go when you were little but sooner or later you've got to stop blaming your childhood. At some point, when you choose wrong over right that's on you.
I just called in sick. Let's go get really drunk!
Castle: "I have no need for genies because I already have everything I could ever wish for."
Beckett: "Right back at you, handsome."
So after eight years some of my common sense has finally rubbed off on you.
It was a Hollywood promise; not worth a damn.
You can fire us both for insubordination if you want, but we got this.
Beckett: "I need a miracle, guys."
Ryan: "Okay, you got it."
Esposito: "One miracle coming up."
I don't care if it's protected by the Hulk, we're going to tear this place apart.
You didn't really think you could Jump Street the prime suspect, did you?
Die Welt ist voller Magie. Aus Winter wird Frühling, aus klein wird groß. Alles ist der Veränderung unterworfen.
Denahi in Bärenbrüder
Magie erblüht nur in außergewöhnlichen Seelen.
Gellert Grindelwald in Phantastische Tierwesen - 2: Grindelwalds Verbrechen

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