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Zitat von William Blake

Ein Vogel steigt niemals zu hoch, so lange er seine eigenen Flügel benutzt.

No bird soars too high, if he soars with his own wings.

Ehrgeiz, Charakter, Vögel
Zitat von Franz Beckenbauer

Real Madrid ist ein legendäres Team, das alle anderen überragt und das Ziel aller Spieler ist.

Real Madrid is a legendary team that stands above all the others and is the target of all the players.

Real Madrid
Zitat von Santiago Bernabeu

Das Trikot von Real Madrid ist weiß. Es kann mit Schlamm, Schweiß und sogar Blut beschmiert werden, aber niemals mit Schande.

The Real Madrid shirt is white. It can stain of mud, sweat and even of blood, but never of shame.

Real Madrid
Songtext-Zitat von XXXTentacion - Guardian Angel, Album: Skins

And the love in my heart is a cancer
And I spread it through the wall as an answer
To the cries of the dead and the vanquished
The depressed and the lost and the damned, it's
Preservation of the peace, an ideal world

Songtext-Zitat von XXXTentacion - Train food, Album: Skins

Death before your eyes, you prayin' to God, but ain't no response
Trying to scream for hope, just a shoulder that you can lean on
But ain't nobody coming
So you scream on and scream on and scream on

Songtext-Zitat von XXXTentacion - Who The Fuck Is God (Freestyle)

Tie it around his neck and get to fucking buckling up
For every moment I counted on him, I’m fucking him up

Songtext-Zitat von J. Cole - 1985 - Intro to "The Fall Off", Album: KOD

I must say, by your songs I'm unimpressed, hey
But I love to see a Black man get paid
And plus, you havin' fun and I respect that
But have you ever thought about your impact?
These white kids love that you don't give a fuck
'Cause that's exactly what's expected when your skin black

Songtext-Zitat von Lil Peep - Life is Beautiful, Album: A Night at the Opera

And if you ever need a friend then you got me
And in the end, when I die, would you watch me?
And if I try suicide, would you stop me?
Would you help me get a grip or would you drop me?