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Je härter man arbeitet, desto mehr Glück hat man.

The harder you work, the luckier you get.

GlückPowfu, Juni 2018

My heart is breaking
So I'm staying wasted
Maybe we can meet again
When I'm famous

Powfu, November 2018

Ich bete dafür, besser darin zu werden, meine Komfortzone zu verlassen.

I pray I will get more comfortable doing uncomfortable things.

KomfortzonePowfu, März 2022

Wish I never left, 'cause you took away my breath
You can say that we were young, but me and you were meant
For eternity, no surgery could take you off my heart
Just hang onto my words and we'll make it through this part

Powfu - ​ill come back to you, Album: poems of the past

I been praying for forgiveness, you've been praying for my health
When I leave this earth, hopin' you'll find someone else
'Cause yeah, we still young, there's so much we haven't done
Getting married, start a family, watch your husband with his son

Powfu - death bed (coffee for your head)

Love gets hard to give but I'm not sick of it
Life's too short to stay in pointless arguments
I am not the same, I'll keep you in my grasp
Please don't be afraid 'cause soon this storm will pass

Powfu - Break Ups Suck Ass, Album: Letters You Never Received

Yeah, I don't wanna fall asleep, I don't wanna pass away
I been thinking of our future 'cause I'll never see those days
I don't know why this has happened, but I probably deserve it
I tried to do my best, but you know that I'm not perfect

TikTokPowfu - death bed (coffee for your head)

Yes, I threw away my phone in case you'd ever call
I never leave my house in case I meet you at the mall
Never talk to my friends that you're friends with
Because I know they're gonna ask why we ended
Anything to do with you I keep it on the low
Used to wish that you would stay, now I'm wishin' you would go
So I came up with a remedy I promise I would keep
In order to ignore you I'll just never fall asleep

Powfu - I Can't Sleep, Album: Some Boring, Love Stories

Yeah, I'm used to this, the same old shit
Left alone wherever I sit
Why this place so dry, no love to find
You're the only one that ever acts kind

Powfu - ​im used to it, Album: poems of the past

I sing about sitting alone in my room a lot because it's true.

Powfu, Dezember 2019