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Edwin Jarvis: 'Mr. Stark fühlt sich wohl von gewalttätigen Frauen angezogen.'
Peggy Carter: 'Die waren sicher weniger gewalttätg bevor sie ihn getroffen haben.'

- Peggy Carter in Agent Carter

Edwin Jarvis: 'Stark can be thoughtless. Inconsiderate. Vain. Childish. Unreliable. Arrogant.'
Peggy Carter: 'You flatter him.'

- Peggy Carter in Agent Carter, Staffel 1 Episode 5

Jack Thompson: 'If you don't mind, these surveillance reports need to be filed, and you're really so much better at that kind of thing.'
Peggy Carter: 'What kind of thing is that, Agent Thompson? The alphabet? I can teach you. Let's start with words beginning with 'A'.'

- Peggy Carter in Agent Carter, Staffel 1 Episode 1

Edwin Jarvis: 'Mr. Stark believed the intruder had some advanced technological assistance.'
Peggy Carter: 'Mr. Stark believes brushing your teeth requires advanced technological assistance.'

- Peggy Carter in Agent Carter, Staffel 1 Episode 3

Werner Reinhardt: 'Cut off one head, two more shall grow in its place.'
Peggy Carter: 'Then I guess we'll keep cutting them off.'

- Peggy Carter in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Staffel 2 Episode 1

The world has changed, and none of us can go back. All we can do is our best, and sometimes, the best that we can do, is to start over.

- Captain America - The Winter Soldier, von Peggy Carter