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Es wurde noch nie ein Monument für einen Pessimisten errichtet.

I've never seen a monument erected to a pessimist.

- Paul HarveyPessimismus

When America's early pioneers first turned their eyes toward the West, they did not demand that somebody take care of them if they got ill or got old. They did not demand maximum pay for minimum work, and even pay for no work at all.

- Paul Harvey

Seit ich "morgen" zu meinem Lieblingstag gemacht habe, schaue ich nicht mehr so gerne zurück.

Ever since I made tomorrow my favorite day, I've been uncomfortable looking back.

- Paul HarveyZukunft

I was never one who sought to make the small man tall by cutting off the legs of a giant. I wanted to drag no man down to my size. Only to preserve a way of life which might make it possible for me, one day, to elevate myself until I at least partly matched his size.

- Paul Harvey

Dependency arguments often come from elites - either aid agencies or governments - and say something about attitudes to poor people.

- Paul Harvey