Palworld - Die besten Zitate und Sprüche

Palworld - Die besten Zitate und Sprüche

Palworld ist ein Action-Adventure Survival Spiel des japanischen Entwicklers Pocket Pair, das im Januar 2024 veröffentlicht wurde. Hier findest du die besten Zitate und Sprüche aus und über Palworld, sowie die lustigsten Paldeck Einträge. Das Spiel handelt in einer Open World, die von tierähnlichen Kreaturen namens "Pals" bevölkert wird.

Bild: Pocket Pair
Long ago, this Pal used long objects like tree branches as weapons. After coming into contact with humans, however, it found something much more effective: guns.
#8 Tanzee
Intelligent as a five to seven-year-old human child. It makes a wonderful partner, but there have been more than a few cases where they've killed their master after learning to use weapons.
#4 Lifmunk
It is unskilled at controlling fire from the moment it is born and tends to choke on the flames it breathes unintentionally. Foxparks sneezes are one of the leading causes of forest fires.
#5 Foxparks
If you find Nox hair in your bedding, you should leave it where it lays and leave immediately. Picking it up is a one-way-ticket to a never ending night.
#21 Nox
Being an extremely aggressive Pal, it often picks fights before gauging its opponent's strength. Though small, its powerful charge can even send boulders flying.
#20 Rushoar
It puts those it is interested in to sleep and shows them an endless stream of happy dreams. Those who fall under its spell are never to wake until death takes them.
#19 Daedream
Compared to Lambball, it has finer wool and a temperament more suited for domestication. However, it has historically been kept as a pet. Cuteness is considered a virtue.
#18 Cremis
It has few friends because of the perpetually grouchy look on its face, but it is in fact kindhearted. Some have seen it feeding Vixy who have strayed from their pack.
#17 Depresso
Large amounts of water pour from what is thought to be its nose, though some say that it is, in fact, just snot. This has sparked a fierce debate among Pal scholars.
#16 Teafant
Often lost in thought, it sometimes finds it difficult to sleep. "I think, therefore I am."
#15 Hoocrates
The idol of Palpagos Island. If you bully a Vixy, you best be prepared to become enemies with the whole world.
#14 Vixy
A strange Pal with a body resembling tree sap. It gradually loses strength if it has nothing to cover its body with, eventually rotting away.
#13 Gumoss
Releases the electricity stored in it's body when under attack, producing a shock that can be over 10 million volts. If thrown, it can even be more lethal than any conventional heavy weaponry.
#12 Jolthog
Surprisingly, it is unrelated to Pengullet. Ever wanting to be the center of attention, this Pal will strut its stuff for any onlookers.
#11 Penking
The feathers of this Pal have all but disappeared, but sadly, its desire to fly has remained as strong as ever. Even now, it tries to fly again in any way it can.
#10 Pengullet
During the dry season, this Pal is always on the verge of blowing a fuse, Sparks can fly with even the slightest provocation even amongst allies.
#7 Sparkit
Using its own body water, this Pal can create waves anywhere. It body surfs when in a hurry, but the resulting speed often ends in a fatal collision.
#6 Fuack
Extremely weak and far too delicious. It is one of the weakest Pal alongside Lamball. No matter how many are hunted, they just keep appearing.
#3 Chikipi
At a glance it appears full of confidence, but it is in fact weak and cowardly.
Being toyed with by a Cattiva is in many ways the greatest of disgraces.
#2 Cattiva
A walk up a hill tends to end with this Pal tumbling back down. This causes it to become dizzy and unable to move, making it easy to capture and kill. As a result, this pal has tumbled down to the very bottom of the food chain itself.
#1 Lamball

Zitate und Sprüche über Palworld

Palworld mit höherem Spieler-Peak als Cyberpunk hatte ich NICHT auf meiner Bingokarte.
As a 32 year old guy, this game is my Pokemon fever dream from when I was a 90's kid.
Palworld is a big hit in Brazil because "Pal" is a slang for "dick". Jokes are coming big and hard.
Palworld has became,
#1 The most played game in the world
#1 The top selling game in the world
at the same time!

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Der Punkt ist nicht, dass 90€ für eine Deluxe-Edition nie zu rechtfertigen sind. Der Punkt ist, dass fortan nur Leute die 90€ hinblättern zum eigentlichen Release-Tag spielen dürfen und alle anderen warten müssen. Das sollte jeder Spieler kritisieren.
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