Zitate und Sprüche von Ozzy Man Reviews

Zitate und Sprüche von Ozzy Man Reviews

I do hope his pleasure pump is not like his stinger. If it falls off and he dies after this, that would be tragic.

- Ozzy Man Reviews, Bees Humping

It's important to remember, you only live once. I don't say this to encourage risky fun behavior. I say this to discourage risky fun behavior.

- Ozzy Man Reviews, Destination F Compilation (Volume 9)

The first time I tried that when I was a teenager, I broke me wrist. Yeah, nah, having a broken wrist when you're a horny teenager is fucking devastating.

- Ozzy Man Reviews, WTF Happened in February 2019

If not today, then when? If not tomorrow, then when? Just quit your job if you want to and fly away! This motivational video is not guaranteed to work, results vary from individual to individual.

- Ozzy Man Reviews, Inspiring Bugs

Every creature on earth is built like a supercar, we just don't know it, until we find the keys. Have you found your keys?

- Ozzy Man Reviews, Inspiring Bugs

In order to get cheap accommodation in Australia, we like foreign people to do manual labour for us. Helping feed the cows is very important, they are the future of McDonald's.

- Ozzy Man Reviews, Royal Tour [FEAT. Prince Harry and Meghan]Australien

You're genetically designed to take down zebras, yet you're picking on a fucking mongoose, mate. [..] The whole animal kingdom thinks you're a pussy!

- Ozzy Man Reviews, Mongoose vs Lions

He's okay, it's beer o'clock at the pub for him aswell.

- Ozzy Man Reviews, People Fucked Up By Bulls #2

I kinda wish I did that to the old sheilas who used to drink too much goon and get handsy at the footy club fundraisers. Those were demoralizing fundraisers.

- Ozzy Man Reviews, Slimy Bloke

These fucken legends don’t even bat an eyelid at the inconvenient timing. They are all about business, and the football is put aside. There could well be lives to save. There could well be a cat up a tree. There could well be a steamy calendar to shoot. No matter, they are in that truck and they are fucken out of there!

- Ozzy Man Reviews, Croatian Firefighter’s response to emergency alarm during world cup penalty shootout

He's fucken done it. Destination Safe. No worries. That other truck was right up close hoping he would go over the cliff. He had a fucken font-row seat.

- Ozzy Man Reviews, Gutsy U-Turn

The fence is like, 'you think I'm intimidated by a fuckin' bear?! I used to be a tree, I'm not scared of shit. I was part of the crew that took down Saruman.'

- Ozzy Man Reviews, MEGA COMPILATION #5

If you're concious, you exist. Philosophy Science 101 motherfuckers.

- Ozzy Man Reviews, Does Australia Exist?

Welcome to the Burning Man Festival 2015 in the middle of buttfuck nowhere, a Mekka, a melting pot of STDs.

- Ozzy Man Reviews, MEGA COMPILATION #4

Sure, Elon Musk is working on Tesla and SpaceX and going to Mars, but this is the fucking shit we have really been waiting for.

- Ozzy Man Reviews, Jetpack SamuraisTesla

Shit, even our Prime Minister is calling our Cricket team cheats. Fuck's sake, Malcolm, fuck's sake... oh, whatever - only thing he's good for is getting yelled at by Donald Trump.

- Ozzy Man Reviews, Cricket Ball TamperingAustralien, Cricket

I'm just gonna take a quick time-out to get a haircut. What have we got here? Oh, hello, this is my style. What a fair dinkum beautiful mullet. Imagine that flowing freely in the Montana wind. Yeah, nah, business at the front, party at the back.

- Ozzy Man Reviews, Plays Far Cry 5

What's he doing now? He wants to blow up a Brush Turkey, classic American friend.

- Ozzy Man Reviews, Plays Far Cry 5

You know life is rough, when a little girl in a pink dress calls you a shit cunt.

- Ozzy Man Reviews, Coward Penguin

Look at that fucking strength! Could The Rock do that? Can Vin Diesel do this? Na, no way, bunch of soft-cocks, I tell ya.

- Ozzy Man Reviews, Manly Pole Dance

Here we have Peter, he enjoys motor sports, drinking beer and playing with his pole in the evening. It's a typical fair dinkum bloke.

- Ozzy Man Reviews, Manly Pole Dance

He's happy to sing you a lullaby and then break your fucking face.

- Ozzy Man Reviews, MEGA COMPILATION #3

You haven't experienced sheer terror until you've seen sheilas arm-wrestling.

- Ozzy Man Reviews, MEGA COMPILATION #3

This position looks pretty comfy to be honest, less effort than doggy. I reckon we should all go out and try and give camel-style a crack tonight.

- Ozzy Man Reviews, MEGA COMPILATION #3

The loud and obvious crack of your opponent's eye-socket should never get in the way of a comical celebration.

- Ozzy Man Reviews, MEGA COMPILATION #3

Why can't he go home? Why can't he grab a kebab, down a glass of water and pass out on the couch with one shoe on, like a normal person?

- Ozzy Man Reviews, Man vs. TruckAlkohol, Party