Zitate und Sprüche aus Norsemen

Zitate und Sprüche aus Norsemen

Norsemen, Originaltitel Vikingane, ist eine norwegische Comedy-Fernsehserie von Jon Iver Helgaker und Jonas Torgersen, von der es bislang drei Staffeln gibt. Die dritte Staffel wird auch Staffel 0 genannt, da es die Vorgeschichte zu Staffel 1 erzählt. Die Serie wurde im September 2020 nach drei Staffeln und insgesamt 18 Folgen eingestellt.

We've come so far technologically that we no longer know how anything works. Everyone sends ravens, but no one knows how it really works. If all the technology suddenly disappeared, we'd be pretty much left high and dry.
It's not about the size of the boat, but the motion of the ocean.
I think my assicle has fallen asleep.
All we can do is just follow the sun. Since the sun always points south, we just have to trust it.
Nine out of ten concerns are completely unfounded.
You're just in time to be too late.
Keep your friends close and your enemies a little bit further away.
They say the first thing to go when you lose your hands is your fine motor skills.
There's no better feeling than doing backbreaking work for someone else without pay.
The sea giveth and the sea taketh away. And this time the sea... tooketh... my sword.
Where's that miserable slave who's responsible for my fireplace? It's freezing in here. I like it more temperate.
Look at me, I'm actually 18 years old but I look 40!

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Hier geht es nicht um Gut oder Böse, es geht um Macht - und wem es erlaubt ist, sie zu nutzen.

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