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Live by the gun, get bodied, or it's hella time in that cell
It was hella times where I failed
When I had to double back from them Ls
Bet he don't double back when he tell
'Cause it ain't no comin' back when you tell

Mozzy - Last One Standing

Minimum wage, I remember them days
Digital clocks, see what it physically say
Now we sippin' this paint, uplifted through rank
I pull out 30K when I dip in the bank

Mozzy - Tomorrow Ain't Promised, Album: 1 Up Top Ahk

Auntie lookin' for a vein, told me to mind my business
I look the other way because it's too horrific to vision

Mozzy - Unfortunately, Album: 1 Up Top Ahk

Motor mouthin', snitchin' should be against the law
.40 with dick and balls, but he ain't get it off
Oppositions zero'd in, and started gettin' off
The loss was significant when they picked 'em off

Mozzy - Unfortunately, Album: 1 Up Top Ahk