Zitate und Sprüche von Moira

Zitate und Sprüche von Moira

Cassidy: "Always thought hiring you was a mistake."
Moira: "The best mistake one could ever make."
Kiriko: "Yikes... you look cheery."
Moira: "As cheery as you are significant."
We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.
Overwatch - originally by Oscar Wilde
A dreamer is one who can only find his way by moonlight, and his punishment is that he sees the dawn before the rest of the world.
Overwatch - originally by Oscar Wilde
Winston: "Overwatch had good reason to shut down your research."
Moira: "I shouldn't be surprised at such a narrow opinion coming from a jumped. Up. Ape."
Situational awareness could save your life - I recommend it.
Mercy is for the weak.
Overwatch - to Mercy
Slowly they realize that failure is all that awaits them.
When faced with a setback, we must challenge our assumptions.
The struggle for martial superiority is so tedious. The superiority of ideas... that is the coin of my realm.
Humanity is shackled. I will find the key.
I'm on fire! All evidence supports this claim.
Science saves the day! Again.
Regenerating your cellular structure.
We must all make sacrifices in the name of science.
Reaper: "Why am I being subjected to this agony?"
Moira: "No need to thank me. I only saved your life."
Our enemies believe that they can take our objective. They are mistaken.
Widowmaker: "Our foes make such a nuisance of themselves."
Moira: "Is that an emotion I detect, Lacroix?"
I will draw the strength from your body.

Zitate und Sprüche über Moira

You looking for a lab assistant? I'm great with chemicals!
Junkrat in Overwatch - to Moira

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Mei: "Look at all the snow! We should make snow angels!"
Mercy: "Why are you looking at me, Mei?"
There's no prescription to treat what you have.
Must violence always be the solution?
You might not want to tell your friends about that.
Mercy in Overwatch - on Melee-Kill
Moira: "Your condition seems relatively stable."
Reaper: "No one's accused me of that in a long time."
McCree: "You weren't given those guns to toss 'em away like trash."
Reaper: "I don't take lessons from you."
Mercy: "What happened to you?"
Reaper: "You tell me, Doc."
Schwarz ist das neue Schwarz!
Moira: "How are you feeling, Lacroix?"
Widowmaker: "I don't feel. That's the point, isn't it?"
Reinhardt: "How do you think your fancy jumpsuit would fare against my hammer?"
Widowmaker: "All the armor in the world can't save you from a well-placed bullet."
Ana: "Seems I was wrong about you Amélie."
Widowmaker: "I thought you'd have gotten used to that feeling by now."
Tracer: "What'cha lookin' at?"
Widowmaker: "An annoyance."
Mercy: "Winston, are you experiencing any issues with your genetic therapy?"
Winston: "Other than a crippling addiction to peanut butter?"
Lucio: "Hey Winston, alles Banane?"
Winston: "Oh, eine Anspielung auf meinen Gemütszustand unter Zuhilfenahme affentypischer Nahrungsmittel. Nicht lustig!"
Illari: "I didn't know monkeys needed glasses."
Winston: "Actually I'm a gorilla... and a scientist."
Roadhog: "Don't blow it!"
Junkrat: "When have I ever... er, don't answer that."
Lifeweaver: "Are you and Roadhog together?"
Junkrat: "Do you ever see us apart?"
Lifeweaver: "No, I mean are you a couple?"
Junkrat: "Yes, a couple of dashing rogues!"
Roadhog: "I'll hook 'em!"
Junkrat: "And I'll cook 'em!"
Can't change the world by following all the rules.
Well, it's high noon somewhere in the world.
Darf ich vorstellen? Die Schusslinie.
Mercy: "Mei, you haven't aged a day. What's your secret?"
Mei: "Cryostasis. But I'm not sure if I'd recommend it."
Cassidy: "Just remember Pharah, we ain't playing with toy guns anymore."
Pharah: "Good, I'm much better with the real thing."
Seeking progress by sowing chaos is like planting a tree in a volcano.
Ashe: "I hear if it weren't for your parents, you'd be as much an outlaw as me. "
Lifeweaver: "They're always trying to help, but frankly, I'd prefer they gave up."
Ashe: "Yeah, well, be careful what you wish for."
Echo: "I think I can pull off a cowboy hat."
Cassidy: "Want me to buy you one?"
Echo: "No need. I'll just borrow yours."
Cassidy: "You know, that sake's not half bad but... I prefer a little bite to my liquor."
Hanzo: "How predictable! Such unsophisticated taste."
Lieber gehe ich zu Grunde, als mich zu beugen.
You can love a thing with your whole heart and still know it's time to say goodbye. Even the best journeys end. But a new one is right around the corner. And you never know where that road is gonna take you.
Rache ereilt nur jene, die sie suchen.

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