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Mohammed el-Baradei ist ein ägyptischer Diplomat. Er war von 1997 bis zum 30.

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Wenn man nichts zu verstecken hat, gibt es keinen Grund nicht transparent sein zu wollen.

If you have nothing to hide, there is no reason not to be transparent.

- Mohamed ElBaradeiDaten & Datenschutz

The international community must do a better job of controlling the risks of nuclear proliferation. Sensitive parts of the nuclear fuel cycle - the production of new fuel, the processing of weapon-usable material, the disposal of spent fuel and radioactive waste - would be less vulnerable to proliferation if brought under multinational control.

- Mohamed ElBaradei

Discipline is part of my professional training as a lawyer.

- Mohamed ElBaradei

Ich bin ein Anwalt. Mein Ziel ist Fairness und Gerechtigkeit - diese Werte bedeuten mir viel.

I'm a lawyer. I go for due process; I go for fairness and equity - these values mean a lot to me.

- Mohamed ElBaradeiGerechtigkeit & Gleichberechtigung, Anwälte

People feel repressed by their own governments; they feel unfairly treated by the outside world; they wake up in the morning, and who do they see - they see people being shot and killed: all Muslims from Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia, Sudan, Darfur.

- Mohamed ElBaradei