Zitate und Sprüche von Mitsuri Kanroji

Zitate und Sprüche von Mitsuri Kanroji

My heart would never flutter for those who needlessly hurt others!
Is it okay for a girl to be this strong? I still worry that someone may ask that, as though I'm not human. In my fear, I was suppressing my strength. But not anymore. Leave this to me. I will protect everyone.
I remember now! I was searching for a worthy man... But I was also searching for a place to be myself! I must be flexible... and lithe. I must be more like myself. What should I do, Rengoku? At a time like this, I... I can't stop... my heart from pounding!
Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba - Kyojuro Rengoku's Story: Part 2
You may be an Upper Rank or whatever, but that doesn't matter! I'm not gonna let one of those jerks beat me! Get ready, cuz I'm about to get serious!

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We can never make up for our own misfortune unless we collect it from the blessed.
No matter how many people you may lose, you have no choice but to go on living. No matter how devastating the blows may be.
Don't ever give up. Even if it's painful, even if it's agonizing, don't try to take the easy way out!
It's all right to cry. It's allright to run away. Just don't ever give up!
Killing humans is... unforgivable.
I once believed that the road of happiness continued forever and ever into the distance. When it was destroyed, I realized for the first time that it lies upon a thin sheet of glass.
How can you feel sorry for something that's killed humans? I've never heard of anything so absurd. But if that was how my sister truly felt, then I must carry it on. If there's a way not to kill these pitiful demons, I have to keep trying to come up with it. Without ever extinguishing the smile my sister said she loved.
Yes, I'm angry, Tanjiro. I've always been angry. My parents were killed. My older sister was killed. And all my Tsuguko except Kanao were killed. If demons hadn't murdered those girls' families, they'd be living happily with them right now. It really makes me furious!
Feel the rage. The powerful, pure rage of not being able to forgive will become your unswerving drive to take action.
Those who regretted their own actions. I would never trample over them. Because demons were once human, too.
Head-on battles are simple. Whoever's stronger and faster wins.
The bond between Nezuko and me, can't be severed by anyone!
The weak have no rights or choices. Their only fate is to be relentlessly crushed by the strong.
I won the battle but lost the war.
I've been protecting it, because you said that this thing is more important to you than your own life.
All I can do is work hard. That's the story of my life.
Become the most durable blade of all! Hone that one thing to perfection.
You endured all that hellish training. You'll be rewarded for that without fail. Hone it to the utmost limit!
Clearly Gramps did smack me around a bit too much. But he never abandoned me.
Hier geht es nicht um Gut oder Böse, es geht um Macht - und wem es erlaubt ist, sie zu nutzen.
Lip: "Hey, whoa. You really think they deserve your hard-earned money for that service?"
Frank: "Dine and dash?"
Lip: "Bite and bolt."
Frank: "Eat it and beat it?"
Shameless - Staffel 3 Episode 12

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