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That's tight, Sophie Aspin do you want me a fight
Bet your blowies are fucking shite
Fucking shite, that's what I said
All the boys say you give shit head

Millie B - Soph Aspin Send

If you don't know me I'm M to the B
Coming in hard, you'd better watch it Sophie
You think you're the only girl doing grime
M to the B says 'step in line'

Millie B - Soph Aspin Send

My bars are true and these are the facts
I saw you begging outside TK Maxx
This is the truth and we know it is
Sophie Aspin pre-records her vids

Millie B - We Wanna Know (Soph Aspin Reply)

I'm sending for you so what're you gonna do?
You bounce on next man's dick like a kangaroo

Millie B - Soph Aspin Send