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Michael Francis Seander, bekannt als mike. (früher bekannt als FKA Mike Stud), ist ein amerikanischer Rapper.

mike. ist Teil der folgenden Kategorie: US Rapper

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Bet they hear me now, yeah they've heard of us
Hit the ground runnin', on my hurry up
Landed on the green first shot
This the birdie putt

mike. - Frio, Album: 4THEHOMIES

I don't play, boy
Your girl a 5, mine's in Playboy
And f-ck H.A.M. I'm going Hamilton, I got 100 dimes
Try to egg me on and shit, but I don't flip, sunny side

mike. - 0 to 100 (Remix)

Now I'm doin' shit I promised I would never do
With some fake white chicks, feel like Terry Crews
Got a nice watch, so they watch my every move
Hit my phone but they ain't ever gettin' through

mike. - Frio, Album: 4THEHOMIES

I swear that I can sit here with you all night
I can see you catching feelings
From the mirrors on the ceiling
And I'm liking what I'm seeing

mike. - Mirrors on the Ceiling, Album: 4THEHOMIES

I go 0 to 100 real fast, give you whiplash
You just mad you was picked last in gym class

mike. - 0 to 100 (Remix)

I do what I want and ain't nobody stopping me
Just bought so much property, my life feels like a game of Monopoly

mike. - Amanda Bynes, Album: #SundayStudTape Vol. 2

Got the whole game screaming "Hoodie stop talking"
‘Cause underneath, you'd rather be Pippi Longstocking

mike. - Even Steven