Zitate und Sprüche von Lisa Johnson

Zitate und Sprüche von Lisa Johnson

You've got such a good heart, you were born like it. You can't contrive it, you're just decent. I knew it, first time I met you. Hit me like a bolt of lightning. And I've loved you ever since, you fat twat.

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It's okay to eat fish, 'cause they don't have any feelings.
Nirvana - Something in the way, Album: Nevermind
Yeah, I'm rollin' down Rodeo with a shotgun
These people ain't seen a brown-skinned man
Since their grandparents bought one
Rage Against the Machine - Down Rodeo, Album: Evil Empire
Those who died are justified
For wearing the badge, they're the chosen whites
See right through the red, white, and blue disguise
With lecture I puncture the structure of lies
Movements come and movements go
Leaders speak, movements cease when their heads are flown
'Cause all these punks got bullets in their heads
Departments of police, the judges, the feds
Networks at work, keeping people calm
You know they went after King when he spoke out on Vietnam
The movie ran through me
The glamour subdue me
The tabloid untied me
I'm empty. please fill me
Rage Against the Machine - Testify, Album: The Battle of Los Angeles
Crawl with me into tomorrow
Or I'll drag you to your grave
I'm deep inside your children
They'll betray you in my name
Rage Against the Machine - Sleep Now in the Fire, Album: The Battle of Los Angeles
More for Gore or the son of a drug lord
None of the above, f*ck it, cut the cord!
Lights out, guerrilla radio
Turn that shit up
Rage Against the Machine - Guerrilla Radio, Album: The Battle of Los Angeles
Mind of a revolutionary, so clear the lane
The finger to the land of the chains
What? The "land of the free"?
Whoever told you that is your enemy
The rage is relentless
We need a movement with a quickness
You are the witness of change and to counteract
We gotta take the power back
Can't waste a day when the night brings a hearse
So make a move and plead the fifth 'cause ya can't plead the first
Rage Against the Machine - Down Rodeo, Album: Evil Empire
Happiness is amazing. It's so amazing it doesn't matter if it's yours or not.
Anne in After Life
Why would people rather be famous for being sh-t than not famous at all? When did that start?
Women are better than men. And they never stop trying to bring us up to their standard.
One day you'll eat your last meal, smell your last flower, hug your friend for the very last time. You might not know it's the last time, so that's why you should do everything you love with passion, you know? Treasure the few years you've got because that's all there is.
I thought not caring was a superpower. I was wrong. Caring about stuff, that's what really matters. Kindness. Making other people feel good.
Ich möchte lieber ein einziges Leben mit dir verbringen als alle Zeitalter der Welt allein zu durchleben. Und so wähle ich ein sterbliches Leben.
Du und ich, wir sind alles was ich nicht bin
Casper - 20QM, Album: Hinterland
We're all screwed up in one way or another. It sort of makes you normal.
Once you realize you're not gonna be around forever, I think that's what makes life so magical.
Bad things happen to good people. Good things happen to bad people. Sometimes it's just no one's fault.
Ich hab eine Freundin zuhause. Bedeutet: Gucken darf man, gegessen wird zuhause.
Tim in Player of Ibiza - Staffel 1 Episode 2

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