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Standin' in the club, like, lil' mama in my eyesight
She goin' home with me tonight, we connect like WiFi

Lil Tracy - ​white tee, Album: Crybaby (von Lil Peep)

Baby, I'm a drug, you're addicted to my love
I thought you were the one, but you were just another one

Lil Tracy - ​the song they played (when i crashed into the wall), Album: Hellboy (von Lil Peep)

3AM, climbin' through your window
Ounce of the kush, blowin' smoke out your window
You're a thousand miles away, I snort a thousand lines
Step inside the club, cameras flashin' in my eyes

Lil Tracy - ​walk away as the door slams, Album: Hellboy (von Lil Peep)

All of my life I been limitless
My hoes different colors like M&Ms
I been spending them Benjamins

Lil Tracy - Limitless, Album: A Love Letter to You (von Trippie Redd)

I got horses in my car like a farmer
Yeehaw, finna pick up yo daughter
He want beef, I'ma have to get him slaughtered

Lil Tracy - Like A Farmer