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Lil Pump ist ein US-amerikanischer Rapper und Songwriter. Populär wurde er 2016 mit Veröffentlichungen auf dem Online-Musikdienst Soundcloud.

Lil Pump ist Teil der folgenden Kategorie: US Rapper

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I got fast cars, bad bitches and designer clothes
Couple thousand on my wrist and my neck is on froze
Spanish bitches' butt naked and they twerkin' on the stove
Too much racks in my pocket that my wallet can't fold

Lil Pump - Designer, Album: Harverd Dropout

Start the day off with a pint
I'ma show you how to live life
Take a lot of drugs, don't think twice
I do this every day and all night

Lil Pump - Drug Addicts, Album: Harverd Dropout

And my n-ggas gettin' ignorant
Like a lighter, b-tch, we ignant
All this water on my neck
Look like I fell when I went fishin'

Lil Pump - I Love It (mit Kanye West)

I popped a molly, I popped a bean
I fuck your bitch, 'cause she down for the team
Jump in a car and hit you with the beam
I chug a pint and I just go to sleep

Lil Pump - Molly, Album: Lil Pump

Everything that you done did, I done did it
Pockets on swole like it's 24 Fitness

Lil Pump - ESSKEETIT, Album: Harvard Dropout

Throwing up racks in the air
Told that bitch 'Lil Pump, yeah'
Damn, I just broke my wrist
Hundred on my wrist, can't tell me shit

Lil Pump - Boss, Album: Lil Pump

My lean cost more than your rent
Your momma still live in a tent
Still slangin' dope in the 'jects
Me and my grandma take meds

Lil Pump - Gucci Gang, Album: Lil Pump

Spend three racks on a new chain
My bitch love do cocaine
I fuck a bitch, I forgot her name
I can't buy a bitch no wedding ring
Rather go and buy Balmains

Lil Pump - Gucci Gang, Album: Lil Pump

Look at my neck shine
Look at my wrist shine
My diamonds might make you blind

Lil Pump - i Shyne, Album: Battered Bruised & Bloody