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Dominique Jones, besser bekannt als Lil Baby, ist ein US-amerikanischer Rapper aus Atlanta, Georgia.

Lil Baby ist Teil der folgenden Kategorie: US Rapper

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I'm not a GOAT, but I fit the description
I like to pour, so I get the prescription

Lil Baby - Wants and Needs, Album: Scary Hours 2

I lost a Ferrari, Las Vegas, Nevada
I woke up the followin' day and went harder

FerrariLil Baby - Wants and Needs, Album: Scary Hours 2

Stand up in they chest no apology
Mama sent a text that she proud of me
Youngins in the hood watchin' out for me
Money all colors like Monopoly

Lil Baby - To The Top, Album: Too Hard

I make 'em shoot where your stomach at
We gon' pull up where your mama at
Runnin' through hoes like a running back
We can fuck but you can't call this number back
If you knew better, baby you'd do better
I got plenty hoes, call me Hugh Hefner

Lil Baby - All Of A Sudden, Album: Too Hard

We started off as close friends
Somehow you turned into my girlfriend

Lil Baby - Close Friends, Album: Drip Harder