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Dominique Jones, besser bekannt als Lil Baby, ist ein US-amerikanischer Rapper aus Atlanta, Georgia.

Lil Baby ist Teil der folgenden Kategorie: US Rapper

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They got they own business, tell me why the f-ck they all in ours?
Mama raised a lot of things but she ain't raised no f-ckin' coward

Lil Baby - Forever, Album: It’s Only Me

One more time might be the best for both of us
Maybe we should talk about it later when we sober up
Maybe we should keep it goin', maybe we should let it go
Feel like if it's meant it's what it is so just let it flow

Lil Baby - Forever, Album: It’s Only Me

She get what she want when we screwin'
I'm on point, I know what I'm doin'
Way too smart to act like I'm stupid
I get my advice from Mike Rubin

Lil Baby - Do We Have a Problem?

And I feel like you better off tryin' to call, I might not get the message
She just tried to run off with my heart, but I blocked off the exit

Lil Baby - Hurricane, Album: Donda

I'm not a GOAT, but I fit the description
I like to pour, so I get the prescription

Lil Baby - Wants and Needs, Album: Scary Hours 2

I lost a Ferrari, Las Vegas, Nevada
I woke up the followin' day and went harder

FerrariLil Baby - Wants and Needs, Album: Scary Hours 2

Stand up in they chest no apology
Mama sent a text that she proud of me
Youngins in the hood watchin' out for me
Money all colors like Monopoly

Lil Baby - To The Top, Album: Too Hard

I make 'em shoot where your stomach at
We gon' pull up where your mama at
Runnin' through hoes like a running back
We can fuck but you can't call this number back
If you knew better, baby you'd do better
I got plenty hoes, call me Hugh Hefner

Lil Baby - All Of A Sudden, Album: Too Hard

We started off as close friends
Somehow you turned into my girlfriend

Lil Baby - Close Friends, Album: Drip Harder