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König Harrow ist ein Charakter aus The Dragon Prince

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The great illusion of childhood is that adults have all the power and freedom. But the truth is the opposite. A child is freer than a king.

Kinder & KindheitKönig Harrow in The Dragon Prince

Advisors and scholars will tell you that history is a narrative of strength. They will recount stories of the rise and fall of nations and empires. There will be stories of armies, battles, and decisive victories. But this isn't true strength - it's merely power. I now believe true strength is found in vulnerability. In forgiveness. In love. There is a beautiful, upside-down truth, which is that these moments of purest strength appear as weakness to those who don't know better. For a long time, I didn't know better. I ask you and your brother to reject history as a narrative of strength, and instead, have faith that it can be a narrative of love.

Stärke, SchwächenKönig Harrow in The Dragon Prince, Staffel 2 Episode 6