Zitate und Sprüche von Kikyo

Zitate und Sprüche von Kikyo

Die Zukunft ist keine gerade Linie. Sie hat viele verschiedene Abzweigungen. Wir müssen versuchen, unsere Zukunft selbst zu gestalten.
Once the thread of fate is tangled, it cannot be undone.
I wish for a heart. A heart of the man whom I'll never allow to forget me.
I loathe all things, I despise every living creature who's bound to time.
To live is to die, to die is to live. Pure is unpure, unpure is pure.

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Du hast zwei Beine und ein schlagendes Herz. Was hält dich auf?
Life itself is a frightening image for every human being... being strong in life isn't easy.
This may come as something of a surprise, but I'm a sore loser.
What good is this cursed hand if I can't protect the woman I love?
Someone the exact opposite of Inuyasha. That's the perfect guy for me.
It's nice not to be alone.
I want you to be happy. I want you to laugh a lot. I don't know what exactly I'll be able to do for you, but I'll always be by your side.
That's pretty bad when you can even give a half demon the creeps.
I never give up! Don't you understand? When you have someone to protect, your power increases multifold!
Only a fool refuses a woman who offers herself.
I've heard similar threats from a number of poor fools whose memories I keep alive by dancing on their tombstones!
Maybe it's just the morning light, but he looks pretty cool standing there with his sword.
Die Zukunft ist einfach, weil sie nicht existiert; die Vergangenheit ist schmerzhaft, denn sie lebt für immer.
Die Zukunft kommt so schnell, dass wir sie unmöglich vorhersagen können; wir können nur lernen, so schnell wie möglich zu reagieren.
Marty, die Zukunft ist noch nicht geschrieben. Sie kann verändert werden... das weißt du. Ein jeder ist seiner eigenen Zukunft Schmied.
My heart would never flutter for those who needlessly hurt others!
Is it okay for a girl to be this strong? I still worry that someone may ask that, as though I'm not human. In my fear, I was suppressing my strength. But not anymore. Leave this to me. I will protect everyone.

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