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I don't mean to show it on my face, babe
And I don't mean to wear it on my sleeve
But when we messed around
Suddenly my heart's what I've found

Justine Skye - I'm Yours, Album: Emotionally Unavailable - EP

Boo, what you tryna prove? Can we just talk about it?
Got nothin' left to lose but you still walk around it
And I'm the one who chooses to still wonder 'bout you
I think I know the truth, but sometimes I doubt it

Justine Skye - U Don't Know, Album: ULTRAVIOLET

If I could build a man
Like, really build a man
He'd be smart enough to read my mind
When I'm hard to understand

Justine Skye - Build

Keeping me up like insomnia
But when we're done, I'm back in my car
We fit together but we're better apart

Justine Skye - Don't Think About It, Album: ULTRAVIOLET

I been knowing you for long enough
Damn, I need you right now
You can take your time, don't have to rush
This might take us a while, yeah
I left all the doors unlocked and you said you're on your way
When you get here don't just say a word, got no time to play

Justine Skye - Forever Collide

Let me tell you how I'm feelin'
If you're a man, be a man, I'ma give you the world
You gon' have to wait a little
You gon' have to show me that you know my love is strong

Justine Skye - Overtime, Album: Blank Face LP