Zitate und Sprüche von Jung Myung-seok

Zitate und Sprüche von Jung Myung-seok

Do you like anybody? If you do, hold onto them. If something happens and you let go of them, go back and hold on tight.
Colleagues are supposed to learn from each other. To grow.
Will you reveal the truth and achieve social justice or stay loyal to the client's interests?
Having mental or physical disorder does not mean they are all mentally unfit. It is only when the disability affects one's ability to discern things and make decisions that they are considered to be mentally unfit.
If you can't get through to a senior attorney, have even more discussions with your colleagues.
Extraordinary Attorney Woo - Staffel 1 Episode 15

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Even if other people say it's not, if you say it's love, it's love.
What you see isn't everything. Don't be blinded by what you can see. Keep in mind the essence of what lies beyond that.
I'm happy just being with you. For me to be happy, I have to be with you!
Lee Joon-ho in Extraordinary Attorney Woo - Staffel 1 Episode 15
Go home? What does that mean? Is it like having a life after work? The thing that only exists in fantasies and not in real life?
Junho: "My feelings toward you, Attorney Woo, are like the unrequited love toward a cat."
Woo: "The unrequited love toward a cat?"
Junho: "Cats sometimes make their owners lonely. But they make them just as happy, too."
Woo: "The expression 'the unrequited love toward a cat' is inappropriate. Because cats love their owners, too. So let's not break up."
I live in an unfamiliar ocean with unfamiliar belugas. Because everyone's different from me, it's not easy to adjust and there are lots of whales that hate me, too. But it's okay. Because this is my life. Though my life is unusual and peculiar, it's valuable and beautiful.
Woo Young-woo in Extraordinary Attorney Woo - Staffel 1 Episode 16
The shock of moving from one space to another is very overwhelming for me. If I count to three and take a deep breath before going in, it lessens the shock a bit.
Have you ever heard that we know more about the dark side of the moon than we do about the deep sea?
I like you so much that it feels like I'm sick inside.
If you want good grades, study. If you want to lose weight, exercise. If you want to communicate, make an effort!
Dates are like that. No meaning, no effiency. Foolish.
If you have such a powerful father, you can live as a princess forever.
I'm not sure if I'm someone who can make you happy. I think I'm just someone you have to take care of.
Woo Young-woo in Extraordinary Attorney Woo - Staffel 1 Episode 15
All my thoughts tend to center around me, so I make people close to me lonely. I don't know when or why I do that. And I don't know what I can do to stop it.
Attorneys are human. They're different from judges and prosecutors. We all add the legal field, but while judges and prosecutors work to safeguard the law, attorneys work to shield the people.
Discrimination against the disabled is legally prohibited! You not being employed anywhere with your grades is discrimination, dishonesty, and corruption.
People think that those who are born rich don't get punished. Whether it's drugs, drunk driving, or assault. Whatever they do, they get away with it.
The law takes intention very seriously. How you felt changes your charge.
Ideale Wettervoraussetzungen: Wacken soll dieses Jahr in Süddeutschland stattfinden
Der Postillon - Juni 2024
Ich hab eine Freundin zuhause. Bedeutet: Gucken darf man, gegessen wird zuhause.
Tim in Player of Ibiza - Staffel 1 Episode 2

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