Zitate und Sprüche von Josh Malerman

Zitate und Sprüche von Josh Malerman

Josh Malerman (* 24. Juli 1975 in Michigan) ist ein US-amerikanischer Schriftsteller, Sänger und Songwriter.

Maybe a thing has to be smart enough to lose its mind.
Once she told me I looked like the sun to her, because of my hair. I asked her if I shined like the sun, and she told me, "No, Daddy, you shine more like the moon, when it's dark outside."
Only a box of birds, Malorie thinks. Yet, it does feel like progress.
The moment between deciding to open your eyes and then actually doing it is as scary a thing as there is in the new world.
It's better to face madness with a plan than to sit still and let it take you in pieces.
How can she expect her children to dream as big as the stars if they can't lift their heads to gaze upon them?
You can smell it, too. Death. Dying. Decay. The sky is falling, the sky is dying, the sky is dead.
"Is he friendly?" Tom says quietly. "I've discovered," Jules says, "that a dog will become fast friends with the people who feed him."
Man is the creature he fears.

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Surviving is not living. Life is more than just what is. It's what could be. What you could make it. You need to promise them dreams that may never come true. You need to love them knowing that you may lose them at any second. Okay? They deserve dreams. They deserve love. They deserve hope. They deserve a mother.
Tom in Bird Box
Every contact we've had with the outside has brought us death!
Douglas in Bird Box
We have a place, a compound. We have a community. It's safe here. How many of you are there? Are any of them children? Because, the fastest way to get here is by the river, and I don't think you could make it with kids.
Listen to me, we're going on a trip now, it's going to be rough. If you hear something in the woods, you tell me. if you hear something in the water, you tell me. But under no circumstances are you allowed to take off your blindfold.
Malorie Hayes in Bird Box
Es gibt viele Menschen in diesem Land, die, ohne etwas dafür zu können, vernünftig sind. Manche sind vernünftig geboren. Manche sind später vernünftig geworden.
I'm not crazy - my reality is just different from yours.
Ein Hund hat keine Verwendung für schicke Autos, große Häuser oder Designerklamotten. Ein klatschnasser Stock reicht ihm völlig. Einen Hund interessiert es nicht, ob du reich bist, oder arm, clever oder dumm, pfiffig oder doof. Wenn du ihm dein Herz schenkst, schenkt er dir seins. Von wie vielen Menschen kann man das behaupten? Wie viele Menschen können einem das Gefühl geben, selten, echt und besonders zu sein? Wie viele Menschen können einem das Gefühl geben, außergewöhnlich zu sein?
sind meine Medizin,
in einer Welt,
in der Menschen mich krank machen.
Walk until the darkness is a memory, and you become the sun on the next traveler's horizon.
Kobe Bryant in Training Camp

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