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Joe Exotic ist ein ehemaliger amerikanischer Zoobetreiber und verurteilter Straftäter. Als ehemaliger Besitzer und Geschäftsführer des Greater Wynnewood Exotic Animal Park in Oklahoma, war er einer der produktivsten Züchter von Tigern in den Vereinigten Staaten. Hier findest du die besten Zitate und Sprüche von Joe Exotic, aka. Tiger King, sowie seine besten Lyrics und Songtexte.

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Tiere verurteilen dich nicht, solange du ein gutes Herz hast. Es kümmert sie nicht, wer du bist, oder was du getan hast.

Animals don't judge you as long as you're really good at heart. They don't care who you are or what you've done in your past.

TiereJoe Exotic in Tiger King, Staffel 1 Episode 2

Woke up this morning with the sunshine in my eyes
All the clouds are gone and took the rain that came inside
I can't believe the way I feel about the day
All the bad is gone and all the good is here to stay

Joe Exotic - Because You Love Me

So if you're ever down in Tampa on a big cat refuge don't pick a fight with your wife
'Cause it's a big 40 acres and if you're not careful you'll be gone in a blink of an eye
No bones, no remains but that won't change the fact that Don sure ain't comin' back
But you can't prosecute, there's just no use, there's nothin' left but tiger tracks

Joe Exotic - Here Kitty Kitty

'Cause I saw tiger, now I understand
I saw tiger, and the tiger saw man

Joe Exotic - I Saw A Tiger

Ich heiße Joe Exotic, das sind Thunder und Lightning. Der Unterschied zu ihren Haustieren ist, meine haben drei Zentimeter lange Zähne und wiegen 200 Kilo.

My name is Joe Exotic and this is Thunder and Lightning. The only difference between my pet and your pet is mine have three-inch teeth and they weigh 400 pounds.

TigerJoe Exotic in Tiger King, Staffel 1 Episode 1