Zitat von Walter White aus Breaking Bad

"Skyler you've read the statistics sheet, these doctors talking about surviving, one year, two years, like it's the only thing that matters. But what good is it to survive if I'm to sick to work, to enjoy a meal, to make love. For what time I have left, I want to live in my own house, I want to sleep in my own bed. I don't want to choke down 40 or 50 pills every single day, and lose my hair, lie around, to tired to get up, and so nauseated that I can't even move my head. You cleaning up after me. Me... me some um... some dead man, some artifically alive, just marking time... no. And that's how you would remember me. Thats the worst part. So... that is my thought process Skyler... I'm sorry, it's just I choose not to do it."

Zitat von Walter White