Zitate und Sprüche aus Hustle & Flow

Zitate und Sprüche aus Hustle & Flow

Hustle & Flow ist ein US-amerikanisches Filmdrama aus dem Jahr 2005. Regie führte Craig Brewer, von welchem auch das Drehbuch stammt. Die Hauptrolle spielt Terrence Howard.

Es gibt zwei Arten von Menschen: Die, die immer nur quatschen und die, die immer nur laufen. Die Menschen, die immer nur laufen, die quatschen manchmal sogar auch. Aber meistens kommen sie nicht zum quatschen, weil sie ja laufen müssen. Aber die Menschen, die quatschen, wenns für die Zeit wird, los zu laufen, weisst du, was die dann machen? Die bequatschen Leut wie mich, damit die für sie laufen.

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Ludacris goin' in on the verse
'Cause I never been defeated and I won't stop now
Keep your hands up, get 'em in the sky
For the homies that didn't make it and my folks locked down
Ludacris - All I Do Is Win, Album: Victory
It's better to love and then lost than to never have loved at all
If that was true I wouldn't be drinking this alcohol
Ludacris - Good Lovin, Album: Ludaversal
My verses still be servin', tight like a million virgins
Last time on the Khaled remix, now I'm on the original version
Can't never count me out, y'all better count me in
Got twenty bank accounts, accountants count me in
Ludacris - All I Do Is Win, Album: Victory
Listen, I'm sayin' my chick bad, my chick hood
My chick do stuff that your chick wish she could
My chick bad, badder than yours
My chick do stuff that I can't even put in words
Ludacris - My Chick Bad, Album: Battle of the Sexes
I bang c*ck in Bangkok
Can't stop, I turn and hit the same spot, think not
I'm the Thrilla in Manila, schlong in Hong Kong
Pimp 'em like Bishop, Magic, Don Juan
Ludacris - Area Codes, Album: Word of Mouf
Need solutions, less problems
Cause if love will drive you crazy I belong in the insane asylum
Ludacris - Good Lovin, Album: Ludaversal
Es braucht nicht viel, um mich glücklich zu machen. Ich bin nicht so verwöhnt.
Meine Arbeit ist wie Urlaub. Auf eine Art habe ich jeden Tag der Woche Samstag.
Your little cinematic universe is about to change forever. I'm the Messiah. I am Marvel Jesus!
Paradox: "Mr. Wilson. You have appeared to have soiled yourself while unconscious."
Wade Wilson: "I wasn't unconscious. Who are you?"
Is that supposed to be scary? Pegging isn't new for me, friendo, but it is for Disney.
It's funny, isn't it, though. I mean, we evolved out of the water, and some part of our reptilian brain knows we're not supposed to be there anymore. But... I guess that's why we try to tame it so hard. It's like trying to conquer death.
I used to be scared of pools.
Eve Waller in Night Swim
The pool is fine. The pool is the greatest thing that has happened to me.
Ray Waller in Night Swim
Everything you fear is under the surface.

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