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Howard Stark ist ein Charakter aus What If…?, Agent Carter, Ant-Man, Captain America

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Stark: "Rot, grün, blau... blaue Knöpfe - wer macht so was?"
Carter: "Sag bloß, der amerikanische Playboy braucht Hilfe beim Knöpfchen drücken."
Stark: "Hedy Lamarr hat mir mal Nachhilfe gegeben, aber das waren andere Knöpfe."

Stark: "Red, green, blue... who paints a button blue?"
Carter: "Don't tell me the American playboy needs help pushing buttons."
Stark: "Hedy Lamarr and I spent a weekend together, but she wasn't teaching me German."

Howard Stark in What If…?, Staffel 1 Episode 1

John Flynn: "Rogers, rein da!"
Peggy Carter: "Er kann nicht."
John Flynn: "Stark, dann Sie!"
Howard Stark: "Was? Spinnen Sie? Ich drück die Knöpfe. Ich bin der Knöpfedrücker."

John Flynn: "Rogers, get in there!"
Peggy Carter: "He can't."
John Flynn: "Stark, you go in!"
Howard Stark: "What? Are you crazy? I push the buttons. I'm the buttons guy."

Howard Stark in What If…?, Staffel 1 Episode 1

Man erklimmt nicht einfach so die Leiter des Erfolgs ohne sich auf dem Weg dahin ein paar schlechte Angewohnheiten zuzulegen.

I grew up on the lower east side. My father sold fruit. My mother sewed shirtwaists for a factory. Let me tell you, you don't get to climb the American ladder without picking up some bad habits on the way. There's a ceiling for certain types of people based on how much money your parents have, your social class, your religion, your sex. And the only way to break through that ceiling sometimes is to lie, so that's my natural instinct to lie.

Howard Stark in Agent Carter, Staffel 1 Episode 4

Peggy Carter: "You can't be serious."
Howard Stark: "I try not to be, but sometimes it just slips out anyway."

Howard Stark in Agent Carter, Staffel 1 Episode 1

Technically, we don't even know if it works. But, let's face it. I invented it. So, it works.

Howard Stark in Agent Carter

I have known Hank a long time he is no security risk unless we make him one.

Ant-Man, von Howard Stark

You know, they say sarcasm is a metric for potential. If that's true, you'll be a great man some day.

SarkasmusCaptain America - Civil War, von Howard Stark