Zitate und Songtexte von girl in red

Zitate und Songtexte von girl in redBild-Quelle: Av Rashid Akrim/NRK P3, Creative Commons

I don't wanna be your friend, I wanna kiss your lips
I wanna kiss you until I lose my breath

girl in red - ​i wanna be your girlfriend, Album: BEGINNINGS

I know what I like
No, this is not a phase
Or a coming of age
This will never change

girl in red - Girls, Album: BEGINNINGS

I reach for me but I'm not there
It's so lonely but who cares
It's fine, it's okay
I'll die anyway

girl in red - ​i’ll die anyway., Album: BEGINNINGS

I hate the way my brain is wired
Can't trust my mind, it's such a liar

girl in red - ​rue, Album: if i could make it go quiet

Pretty face with pretty bad dreams
No one knows I cry in my sleep
Waking up feeling like shit
It's a normal thing to feel like this

girl in red - ​summer depression, Album: BEGINNINGS

I can't be your midnight love
When your silver is my gold
I can't be your second best
Close but not your favorite
I keep going back for more
Where there's nothing from before

girl in red - ​midnight love, Album: if i could make it go quiet

I can't stop staring at my face
My summer tan has begun to fade
Is this real or is this fake?
A creepy dream I can't escape

girl in red - ​dead girl in the pool., Album: BEGINNINGS

You put your hands under my shirt
Undid my bra and said these words
"Darling, you're so pretty, it hurts"

girl in red - ​bad idea!, Album: BEGINNINGS