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Eric Whitney, unter dem Pseudonym Ghostemane oder alternativ als Baader-Meinhof, GASM, und früher auch als Ill Biz bekannt, ist ein amerikanischer Musiker, Rapper und Sänger.

Ghostemane ist Teil der folgenden Kategorie: US Rapper

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All these punk motherfuckers hitting my phone
You think we boys, I never seen you at one of my shows

Ghostemane - Venom, Album: Blackmage

I would not be alive if I gave in to one of the times
That I wanted to be six feet deep beneath all of our feet
I've given up on giving up

Ghostemane - Andromeda, Album: PLAGUES

I'm finding the silver lining and I'm mining for hope
Tryna keep my wrists closed

Ghostemane - Mercury: Retrograde, Album: HEXADA

Keeping a gun loaded under my bed 'cause I know that one day you'll be swallowing lead

Ghostemane - D(r)own, Album: HEXADA

It's 11 degrees and I can see my breath so I know I'm breathing
But I got no pulse, I swear to Thelema my heart ain't beating

Ghostemane - Mercury: Retrograde, Album: HEXADA