Zitate und Sprüche aus Generation V

Zitate und Sprüche aus Generation V

Generation V ist eine amerikanische TV Serie von Craig Rosenberg, Evan Goldberg und Eric Kripke, und ein Spin-Off von The Boys. Sie wurde im September 2023 auf Amazon Prime Video veröffentlicht.

Was einen Helden ausmacht, ist nicht der Ruhm, sondern die Bereitschaft, Opfer zu bringen.
Rich Brink - Staffel 1
In darkness, stars can truly shine.
Indira Shetty - Staffel 1
You work with dangerous animals all day, sooner or later, you're gonna get bitten.
Indira Shetty - Staffel 1
You didn't know Luke. How funny he was, how much he loved his family. But shades of gray don't sell like black and white, do they?
Cate Dunlap - Staffel 1
I'm Cate's imaginary friend from when she was a kid. Boyfriend, really. I taught her how to jerk off. Diddle that skittle. Flick the bean. Gotta find that man in the canoe. Came like a faucet. She'd crank up the Jonas Brothers. She'd hump a soldier boy pillow. She'd raw dog that pillow till she saw God.
Soldier Boy - Staffel 1
I'm kind of like PewDiePie without the Nazi stuff.
Emma Meyer - Staffel 1
Wherever we go, we promised we're in this together.
Emma Meyer - Staffel 1
Jordan: "Next time, I won't rescue you."
Marie: "You didn't."
Jordan: "F*cking did."
Marie: "I exploded his dick."
Jordan: "Because I distracted him. Tag team cocksplosion."
Jordan Li - Staffel 1 Episode 4
It's not about the talent. It's about the drive.
Marie Moreau - Staffel 1
Sometimes people don't have an angle. Sometimes, they're just actual human beings.
Marie Moreau - Staffel 1
I'm the last person who thinks they're a hero. I f*cking hate myself half the time.
Marie Moreau - Staffel 1
You all act like you're made of steel. But you're not. No one is.
Indira Shetty - Staffel 1
Being a hero is not what you think. You know, if you're gonna do this, make sure you do it for you.
Luke "Golden Boy" Riordan - Staffel 1 Episode 1
You're gonna take a little jog over to Dick's Sporting Goods. Buy yourself a nice Louisville slugger. Bring it right back to the quad and swing that bat as hard as you can into your nuts. Every hour, on the hour. And every time you swing, yell "Jumanji." Sound good?
Cate Dunlap - Staffel 1 Episode 2
I'm just... The kid addicted to their PlayStation. Who goes to Olive Garden just for the breadsticks, who binges Property Brothers. I've never changed, Dad. I've always just been me.
Jordan Li - Staffel 1 Episode 3
Is a male asshole tighter than a female asshole?
Emma Meyer - Staffel 1 Episode 5
Hi! I have been dying to meet you. Oh, God, you're so pretty. You want a White Claw? It's 10:01 somewhere.
Emma Meyer - Staffel 1 Episode 1
Piece of dickless shit.
Jordan Li - Staffel 1 Episode 4
How you feel? 'Cause I'm sweating cocaine.
Jordan Li - Staffel 1 Episode 1
I'm not here to do keg stands or get high or get in touch with my feelings about my past. I'm here to be a hero.
Marie Moreau - Staffel 1
I know more about Supes than just about any soul alive.
Rich Brink - Staffel 1
Do you like Jordan? Do you want to hang out with them? Do you want to talk to them? Do you want to put your mouth on their mouth and other f*cking body parts? I mean, come on. This isn't quantum physics.
Emma Meyer - Staffel 1
You know when Golden Boy flames on his clothes burn off? It's like a big, fiery sea cucumber.
Emma Meyer - Staffel 1
I know there must be many thoughts going through your mind right now. Is this the right place for me? Do I belong here? Well, let me assure you that we see something in you. Something you may not even see yourself. Even if you do have X-ray vision.
Staffel 1
Willkommen an der Godolkin University. Seit 1965 bilden wir nur die besten und klügsten jungen Helden aus. Ein sicherer Raum, in dem du dich entfalten kannst.
Indira Shetty - Staffel 1
"Where did you find that kind of courage?"
"I'm superhuman, right? We're made of steel."
Staffel 1

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Rom. Griechenland. Alle Demokratien sind gescheitert weil die Menschen so scheiß dumm sind. Wenn du die Massen vernichtest... wer setzt dir dann ein Denkmal? Wer verehrt dich? Nein, die Menschen werden das System selbst zum Einsturz bringen. Es braucht nur einen Auslöser. Und dann kannst du herbei eilen und bist der große Retter. Wie Cäsar.
The Boys - Staffel 4
I'll tell you what. When we're all done here, I'll buy you a nice, big, family-size bottle of top-shelf lube and I'll tickle your balls till you beg me to stop and even then I won't. I just won't do it.
Lift the plane? How? There's nothing to stand on - it's f*ckin' air!
Hughie, these women they're like fine wine, the older they get, the more delicious, but the drier.
You wanna know what I do when I'm sad… or scared? F*cking nothing. Cuz I'm not a f*cking p*ssy.
Ich hab entschieden, dass ich keine Donations mehr annehme. Wenn mir jemand auf der Straße Geld geben wollen würde, würde ich auch sagen, "Was zur Hölle? Nein, das nehme ich nicht an."
Ein wahrer Held wird nicht an der Größe seiner Kraft gemessen, sondern an der Kraft seines Herzens.
Zeus in Hercules
You know why there's stars in the sky, Liv? So we can always find our way home.
Keep Breathing - Staffel 1

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