Zitate und Sprüche von Fischl

Zitate und Sprüche von Fischl

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The world would lose much of its appeal if wholly stripped of delusion and falsehood.
Dusk and dawn but fleeting shadows are. Once more, the twists of fate have led you into my everlasting night.
I shall create my dream kingdom. I'll carve mountains and oceans, and erect castles and towns. Please be proud of all that is unreal. For we are greater than this world! For our magnificent kingdom is a small and forbidden paradise!
I, Fischl, have roamed the galaxy and traversed countless worlds. I have learned the fate of ten thousand universes and have had revealed unto me the destiny of every living soul.

Zitate und Sprüche über Fischl

Paimon: "Fischl makes a very unique impression, doesn't she?"
Traveler: "How so?"
Paimon: "Well, she travels together with a talking raven, for starters."
Traveler: "Well, I'm traveling with you. It's not all that different."

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I'm flying with you in my heart.
Paimon: "Which do you like more: cats or dogs?"
Traveler: "I prefer Paimon."
Paimon: "Phew! Paimon's been working so hard recently. Any ideas on how to relax?"
Traveler: "...Sleeping?"
Paimon: "Sleeping's boring."
Traveler: "...Reading?"
Paimon: "Paimon'll get dizzy."
Traveler: "...Having a chat with some friends?"
Paimon: "Ugh. Those're all things that require thinking. And not thinking is more relaxing."
Traveler: "And thus the 'Paimon Paradox', famed in the histories of philosophy in Teyvat, was put forth..."
Traveler: "I suppose that's one more thing I can eat before you become emergency rations, huh, Paimon?"
Paimon: "Uhh... Paimon would rather not be on that list at all!"
Traveler: "I wonder, who makes the better mascot: Paimon, or Klee? Oh wait, I forgot. Paimon's not a mascot, Paimon's emergency -"
Paimon: "Hey! Paimon knows exactly what you're going to say. That joke stopped being funny a long time ago."
So... what you're trying to say is that you fell here from another world? But when you wanted to leave and go on to the next world, your path was blocked by some unknown god?
My ideals have no stains.
I must correct you. People here bear no sins in the eyes of the gods... Only laws and the Tribunal can judge someone.
They can judge even me. So praise my magnificence and purity.
Fear is for insignificant cowards.
Eternity stretches things out over a long time. But each moment within it becomes all the more fragile.
This is supposed to be a battle between gods, yet you choose to hide behind a mortal. And now, you're acting like you'd sacrifice yourself for a human. Are you having fun proving a false sense of heroism to yourself, Buer?
Scaramouche in Genshin Impact - to Kusanali
With you by my side, though our mouths stay silent, my heart is at peace.
Reality is the stillness buried deep beneath the illusion.
Observation is the first step of any experiment, but observing the current world doesn't satisfy me. It lacks an important dimension - that of time.
Even the God of Wisdom is restricted by the habits of cognition. How disappointing.
Some ambitions have the power to heal wounds, to bring victory, to inspire hope. But some ambitions, outlive their masters, long after their soul ascends. They remain as they were in the beginning, burning bright and true, for all eternity.
I need your actions, not your words.
Dreams are rich bundles of human wisdom.
Do you even know how many times you've tried to take my Gnosis from me?
Kusanali / Nahida in Genshin Impact - to Scaramouche
You should know that all power comes at a price. For every bit of power you gain, so too do you gain more responsibility.
Every journey has its final day. Don't rush!
Only once you know and respect death, can you truly understand the value of life.
It is here that heart and soul are as one like clouds. Death is a constant for all among the multitudes that sit beneath the heavens.
Sorry... Paimon's mouth just works so much faster than everyone else's.
So we just need to fight monsters from the abyss and a dragon. No pressure or anything!
People say that a secret shared is a secret no more, but I like to think that true friends keep each other's secrets.
I always say that blind optimism isn't the answer - if you want a bright future, you have to go out and seize it with your own two hands!
The world is full of lost ballads just waiting to be rediscovered.
Let's go jumping in puddles and see who can make the biggest splash!
A warrior must always be ready to face any challenge with his blade. The outcome of the battle is irrelevant - what matters is that you learn from the experience.
This place is pretty dead... by which I mean, there's nothing to kill.
If you're suggesting that we escalate this from a verbal exchange to a physical one, I accept.
This is not just some worthless book. Do you have any idea how difficult it is to find a physical book like this in Sumeru?
I'm far from human. I can't make much of human emotions.
I deal in death. If you cannot bring yourself to kill - speak my name.
A blade is like a tea-leaf. Only those who sample it many times can appreciate its true qualities.
Close your eyes and face the wind... It feels wonderful, doesn't it?
Sometimes, hopes and dreams bring suffering instead of happiness.
The ability to appreciate beauty is an important virtue.
The Fatui would do well to update their intelligence concerning me. Ah, but of course that would require one of you to return in one piece.
Everything comes at a cost. And if you aspire to things that most could never dream of, then naturally, there will be an unimaginable price to pay.
Das Outer Rim ist ein gefährlicher Ort. Alle kämpfen um ihren Teil der Galaxis. Aber ich will nur in Freiheit leben. Und dafür riskiere ich alles.
Kay Vess in Star Wars Outlaws

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