Zitate und Sprüche aus Euphoria

Zitate und Sprüche aus Euphoria

It wasn't the violence that scared her. It was the fact that she knew no matter what he did, she'd still love him.
Rue Bennett - Staffel 1 Episode 5
I'm just saying, love is a million things.
The beautiful thing about getting high is that time ceases to exist.
Rue Bennett - Staffel 2 Episode 3
Real love is when you can't exist without someone, when you'd rather die than be apart. And the whole world goes dark and nothing else matters but the person standing in front of you.
You gonna ruin my life? I f'ing promise you I can do that a lot better than you can!
I feel like you ruined me forever.
Maddy Perez - Staffel 2 Episode 4
The more you move up in the world, the more enemies you make.
I don't remember much between the ages of eight and twelve. Just that the world moved fast and my brain moved slow. And every now and then, if I focused too closely on the way I breathed, I'd die. Until every second of every day, you find yourself trying to outrun your anxiety.
I don't know what kind of fed up sht you got going inside of your head. I don't know how to help, but I could tell you one thing: This drug sht - it's not the answer.
I don't take nothin' a drug addict says personally. 'Cause I don't believe nothin' a drug addict say.
When you're younger, everything feels so permanent. But as you get older, you begin to realize nothing is and everyone you love can drift away.
All I know is, life is not a Nicholas Sparks novel.
Elliot: "I'm not sure it's a good thing we met."
Rue: "What are you talking about? You're my new favorite person."
The other thing about depression is it kind of collapses time. Suddenly, you find your whole days blending together to create one endless and suffocating loop. So you find yourself trying to remember the things that made you happy. But slowly, your brain begins to erase every memory that ever brought you joy. And eventually, all you can think about is how life has always been this way. And will only continue to be this way.
What's a bigger feeling than love?
Elliot - Staffel 2 Episode 2
If I could be a different person, I promise you, I would. Not 'cause I want it, but 'cause they do.
Whenever I feel good I think it will last forever. But it's not like that.
That's the thing with guys like Nate. They don't actually want a person. They want something they can own and possess.
Sometimes two people in the universe who aren't meant for each other find each other.
Honey, it's just the way your brain was hardwired. Plenty of great, intelligent, funny, interesting, and creative people have struggled with the same things you struggle with.
Leslie Bennett
The absolute worst part of depression is that even though you know you're depressed, You're unable to stop yourself from getting worse.
Hello heart... thought I'd lost ya.
Rue Bennett - Staffel 2 Episode 1
It's not even the lies that hurt, you know? It's the fact that you're never really emotionally prepared for someone to leave you.
I feel like I've framed my entire womanhood around men.
In my head, it's like If I can conquer men, then I can conquer femininity.
The universe is just out here giving like zero fs.
Maddy Perez - Staffel 1 Episode 4
I want you to wanna kiss me so bad that you don't even ask.
I liked the way I dressed you, but I'm worried I f'ed with your gender expression.
Because you're so broken you don't even trust yourself. And that's scary.
There's nothing more powerful than a fat girl who doesn't give a f.
At night, I fall asleep to you, and in the morning, I wake up to you. I kind of feel closer to you than I do anyone in the world.
And at some point you make a choice about who you are and what you want.
I love hospitals. If I could spend the rest of my life in a hospital, I would. Because when you're in a hospital, you have zero responsibilities.
I wish my mental problems made me look like you.
I feel like love is super dark and no one ever talks about it.
The farther you go, the sharper their blade. Just don't ever give them an opening.
Drugs are kind of cool. I mean, they're cool before they wreck your skin. And your life. And your family. That's when they get uncool. It's actually a very narrow window of cool.
I keep making mistakes and not learning from them.
Maybe people are nostalgic about high school 'cause it's, like, the last time in their life that they get to dream.
She hated her life, not because it was bad, but because when you hate your brain and your body, it's hard to enjoy the rest.
You guys can judge me if you want, but I do not care! I have never ever been happier!
I put up a good fight but I lost. For the first time, but not the last.
I'll never find that kind of love. There's just no darkness. It's just sweet. I don't know if that would ever be enough for me.
Talkin' to you was one of the best parts of my whole year.
And, you know, you just can't be mad at me for wanting you to be okay.
It's not just football. It's life.
It's not like anyone's 100% straight or 100% gay.
I feel like her sobriety is completely dependent on how available I am to her.
Tequila makes me wanna dance.
That's the weird thing about the Internet. Ten people can feel like the whole world.

Zitate und Sprüche über Euphoria

On "Euphoria", it's so fun because we're all the same age, so being able to hang out and go out together and go to different events together has been so fun compared to always being the youngest on set, which was really fun, but it's like, you're going to go home to your husband or wife, and I'm going to go home to my dog.

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Everyone looks cool in the '90s.
You do what feels good to you.
Maddy Perez - Staffel 2 Episode 4

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