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Put your hands up and let me see you shake your hips
Medicate me, I want that juice on your lips
Yeah, you like that, I wanna know that it's true
You're dancing for me and I'm living for you

Eskimo Callboy - Hypa Hypa

We are young, we arе free
Sipping on booze on a sunny beach
We'rе alive, we believe
That summertime memories will never fade away

Eskimo Callboy - We Got the Moves

20.000 likes, I don't give a sh-t
So put the middle fingers up
Cause you are making me sick
F- the money, f- the fame
Everything that you pretend
I will never be a part of what you represent

Eskimo Callboy - The Scene, Album: The Scene

It's almost 6 in the morning
Rolling out of the club
No penny left in my pocket
It went all to the shots
I'd kill for a burger
Or a cab to ride home
I'd like to call my mom
But where the f- is my phone

Eskimo Callboy - MC Thunder, Album: The Scene

This is me following your foot steps
Trying to get access into the end
Is it you, the perfect moment after?
Or just yesterday again?

Eskimo Callboy - Best Day

I've been searching, I've been waiting
For the best day of my life!
Can you feel me, can you safe me
On the best day of my life?

Eskimo Callboy - Best Day

Like a new storm
You take me to the exile of my mind
You're my saviour, the unknown, somewhere before my eyes

Eskimo Callboy - Best Day

You make me sick, your love is a lie
I wanna hate, so I keep you alive

Eskimo Callboy - Hate/Love

We are back in the bizz
And it goes like this
Come on motherf-er
Put your hands in the air
We don't give a f-
We are the German nightmare

Eskimo Callboy - Back in the Bizz, Album: The Scene

We're back from the ashes
Turn hate into passion
What we made will last forever

Eskimo Callboy - Back in the Bizz, Album: The Scene