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Eminem, auch bekannt als Slim Shady, ist ein US-amerikanischer Rapper und Produzent. Der Name Eminem ergibt sich aus der Aussprache seiner Initialen „M & M“ und wird oft EMINƎM geschrieben.

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Zitate und Songtexte von Eminem

There's a certain mystique when I speak
That you notice that it's sorta unique
Cause you know it's me, my poetry's deep
And I'm still matic the way I flow to this beat

Eminem - Love Me, Album: 8 Mile

No more blood for oil, we got our own battles to fight on our own soil.

ÖlEminem - Mosh

Don't do drugs, don't have unprotected sex, don't be violent... leave that to me.

Sex, Gewalt, DrogenEminem

They say music can alter moods and talk to you
Well, can it load a gun for you and cock it too?
If it can, then the next time you assault a dude
Just tell the judge that it was my fault, and I'll get sued!

Hip-Hop & RapEminem - Sing For The Moment

I got so many ways to diss you that im playful wit'chu
I'll let a razor slit you 'til they have to staple stitch you
And nobody in this fuckin' place'll miss you
If you try to turn my facial tissue to a racial issue

PunchlinesEminem (at Rap Olympics '97)

Damn baby you look good you're giving me wood
You should pull over like a sweat shirt with a hood

PunchlinesEminem - Session One
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