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Beim Cricket passiert wirklich gar nichts. Selbst die Highlights sehen aus, als wäre das Bild eingefroren.

Nothing happens in cricket, ever. Even the highlights resemble a freeze frame.

Charlie Brooker

I don't watch cricket very much, but of course I enjoy whenever I see the sport, especially live, because of the energy in the stadium with the fans going crazy.

Nora Fatehi

Ich will meinem Arsenal immer mehr neue Skills hinzufügen.

I want to keep on adding new skills to my armoury.

Jasprit Bumrah

Kein Cricket Team der Welt verlässt sich nur auf einen oder zwei Spieler. Das Team spielt um zu gewinnen.

No cricket team in the world depends on one or two players. The team always plays to win.

Virat Kohli

Der zweite April ist ein erinnerungsträchtiger Tag in meiner Cricket Karriere.

April 2nd is a memorable moment of my cricketing career.

Virender Sehwag

Cricket ist ein Teamsport, wenn du allen Ruhm für dich willst, dann spiel in einem Einzelsport.

Cricket is a team game. If you want fame for yourself, go play an individual game.

Gautam Gambhir

Das einzige, was ich im Leben jemals jemandem beibringen wollte, ist Cricket.

The only thing I've ever been interested in teaching anyone in life is cricket.

Peter O'Toole

Cricket ist meine Leidenschaft; meine erste Liebe.

Cricket is my passion; it is my first love. So I will not act in my movies, as they will just be a side business for me.

Harbhajan Singh

Cricket, Politik und Kino sind die am leidenschaftlichsten diskutierten Themen in Indien. Durch sie können Freundschaften zu Bruch gehen, je nachdem, welcher Seite man angehört.

Cricket, politics, and cinema is what a majority in our country are most passionate about. They have the power to divide the best of friends depending on which side you are on.

IndienVijay Deverakonda

Cricket ist nicht alles, aber doch ein großer Teil von dem, was mich ausmacht.

Cricket is not everything, not by any means, but it is a large part of who I am.

MS Dhoni

Eine Sache in Indien, die sich nie ändert, ist Cricket.

One thing about India that is constant is cricket.

IndienMS Dhoni

In sport, there is always room for improvement. Whenever I see my innings against the West Indies or Australia, I think, 'Maybe, I could have done this better or should have changed that.' See, cricket is a skill game, and one can always improve upon the impact one has on an innings.

Yuvraj Singh

No matter what people say, about what I did, about what I am like... They say you are not dedicated or hardworking. A lot of people say things about me, but they don't realise I have played 250 games. It's not like you just land up in the team, sit down and play 250 games. You can't survive like that in international cricket.

Yuvraj Singh

Nothing is easy in cricket. Maybe when you watch it on TV, it looks easy. But it is not. You have to use your brain and time the ball.

Rohit Sharma

Shit, even our Prime Minister is calling our Cricket team cheats. F-ck's sake, Malcolm, f-ck's sake... oh, whatever - only thing he's good for is getting yelled at by Donald Trump.

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