Zitate und Sprüche von Colin Powell

Colin Luther Powell ist ein ehemaliger Vier-Sterne-General der US Army und Politiker. Von 1987 bis 1989 war er Nationaler Sicherheitsberater und anschließend von 1989 bis 1993 Vorsitzender der Joint Chiefs of Staff.

Die schönsten Zitate und Sprüche

Success is the result of perfection, hard work, learning from failure, loyalty, and persistence.

- Colin Powell

Leadership is solving problems. The day soldiers stop bringing you their problems is the day you have stopped leading them. They have either lost confidence that you can help or concluded you do not care. Either case is a failure of leadership.

- Colin Powell

There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.

- Colin PowellErfolg

Today I can declare my hope and declare it from the bottom of my heart that we will eventually see the time when that number of nuclear weapons is down to zero and the world is a much better place.

- Colin PowellFrieden, Waffen

If you are going to achieve excellence in big things, you develop the habit in little matters. Excellence is not an exception, it is a prevailing attitude.

- Colin Powell

Don't bother people for help without first trying to solve the problem yourself.

- Colin PowellEhrgeiz

Der neue Präsident muss das Ansehen wiederherstellen, das wir in der Welt hatten.

- Colin Powell (ehem. US-Außenminister)Amerika, 2008